September 28, 2018


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Using the world as a classroom, allowing kids to get dirty and explore, all under a child-led style— this stuff is simply the rhythm of my heart. Tinkergarten is the new craze around here, and it’s AWESOME. Alongside Jackie, who leads our group, the kids are led to discover and engage in discussions about animal behaviors and characteristics such as eating, escaping predators, and camouflage (and we’ve only been to two classes!). If you’re interested in one of Jackie’s classes, check it out here.

Though William (my 1.75 year old) wasn’t too interested in helping his “lizard” camouflage in the mud, he was very happy to have the ability to explore and learn.

Sometimes we don’t understand why toddlers do what they do, and that’s the reason I love Tinkergarten. Kids have freedom without judgment, and everyone comes back at the end to discuss what they observed their child (or others) doing. Jackie puts it all into perspective by using her fancy child development lingo, and parents walk away with new perspectives.

Though I cannot post all the photos (security privacy law stuff), here are a few of my favorites.

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