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Yellow River Park Engagement | Lilburn Engagement Photographer

Lilburn Engagement Photographer

Yellow River Park Engagement

Lilburn engagement photographer

Alexis and Brandon are (FINALLY) on the blog, and their photos are the BEST!! The story behind how we got these is pretty amusing. 🙂

Yellow River Park Engagement Photographer

So Alexis and Brandon live in Grovetown, Georgia- which is southeast (like 2 and a half hours southeast) of Atlanta. Which means it’s even further from the North Georgia Mountains… And that is what Alexis had her mind’s eye on ever since she saw Rachel and Brandon’s engagement session.

As their engagement session date approached, the weather looked more and more unpromising. Wet. Cold. Rainy. Even thunderstorms were predicted throughout the day. Usually it’s cool if we push forward, but the weather was seriously no bueno. And none of us wanted to risk driving up north and not being able to shoot.

Reschedule, right?

WRONG. Their WEDDING was literally 2 WEEKS away!!!

You wouldn’t believe their attitude about it all. They both literally wanted to drive into town JUST to MEET me, and talk about their wedding! (So sweet!!!)

I was super excited to meet these two, AND to give them my brand new Bridal Magazine! We wound up hanging out and chatting for well over an hour, watching the weather off and on through the windows.

Cloudy and a little misty, we finally decided to give it a go! Yellow River Park is the cutest, AND the weather was yucky so we knew it wouldn’t be busy.

The overcast day wound up setting the PERFECT scene for their session.

Aren’t they the sweetest?!

After playing around in the fields some, we decided to head to the water. Although it poured for a moment, nothing could stop these two from having fun!

I’m so excited to have had the opportunity to capture these two, and celebrate their engagement.

Alexis and Brandon, congratulations!!! I’m SUPER stoked to see you two again in a couple weeks, and even more excited to celebrate your MARRIAGE at Perry’s Landing!!!!


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