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Graduation Photographer Downtown Atlanta

Atlanta Graduation Photographer – Samford University Graduate

Samford University Photographer

Being a graduation photographer in Downtown Atlanta right now is the bees knees! Every university is virtually empty right now, so it’s the perfect time to shoot!

However, I confess: I have never taken any sort of graduation photos before. You probably think all photography is pretty much the same. (Don’t you…?)

It’s SO not!! Ask Liz how out of my element I felt… She’s on IG. She’ll tell you! (all these laughing pictures?? She’s laughing at ME! 😂 And I love it.

Samford University Photographer

Y’all remember Liz, right?? She’s Kelley’s son’s fiancée! (fun fact: If you’re a WOMAN, then you’re a fiancée. And you’re marrying your fiancé; he’s marrying his fiancée!)

Anyway– the first thing we both did when we jumped out of our cars was give each other a huge hug (eeeek… Sorry social distancing rules… I miss hugging my friends!!) and then we both pretty much said at the same time, “I got you a gift!”

😩 Liz posted a while back on her IG about a book she read that changed her life.

Graduation Photographer near Atlanta

Obviously gift-giving is our Love Language, and so then we got on a huge tangent about Enneagrams. (I’m Type 1, Wing 2… Liz is 8 and Corey is 5.)

Anyway… Apparently she made her whole family take the test and I’m totally doing the same thing. It never hurts to get more insight, right??

Liz and Corey had a blast at their session. We met up at Emory University because I’m currently obsessed with their buildings and the lighting there is fabulous.

I always shoot with two cameras because I really don’t like swapping lenses when I’m shooting. (I move quick, and swapping lenses takes away from the flow of our session)

Sooooo- after shooting some dramatic wide angle shots, I grabbed my other camera for some close-ups. And it wasn’t working. (cue ALL the panic)

Samford University Graduation Photographer

Long story short, after fumbling with it for about 5 minutes, I held back the tears and just packed it up. (Have I mentioned one of my lenses is currently on its way to Canon for servicing?? $$$!) 😬

So, the rest of our time together was spent laughing at me for A) totally worrying about my camera, and B) being completely out of my element posing someone for graduation pictures.

Thank goodness Liz is a QUEEN! (She’s such a happy person!)

I’m so thankful these two have chosen me to photograph their wedding this December at Athens Cotton Press. They have all the local Athens vendors, and I’m super stoked to meet them all!

Until next time,

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