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Meet Teresa and Jon. They live in PA and Somehow I’m their Atlanta Engagement Photographer + Lullwater Park Engagement Photographer.

Howwwww did I get to be this lucky?? What has happened in my life to deserve this?

My couples, y’all. They’re the best people I know. If you didn’t have an opportunity to meet Briana and Jarod at their Engagement Session in the North Georgia Mountains at Downtown Dahlonega and Preacher’s Rock or at their wedding at Cathedral of Christ The King, then you totally should. Their e-session scenery was epic and their wedding was SO FUN.

Lullwater Park Engagement

What do Briana and Jarod have to do with these two?? Wellllllll- glad you asked.

Atlanta Engagement Photographer

Briana’s DJ‘s (who is AWESOME, by the way!) daughter was at the wedding and through the magic of Instagram, Teresa (being friends with the DJ’s daughter) saw the pics and reached out to me.

Haven’t seen a photographer that compares?! After chatting with Tree for some time, we decided to try and make it work. I learned quickly that she wasn’t the type of person to spend a ton of money on a wedding; she wants to invest more in the beginning of their marriage.

Soooooo- that’s tricky when you’re paying a photographer to travel to you.

So, naturally, I offered to help her find a super awesome photographer near her in PA. (I’m telling you- I can recognize awesome photographers from a mile away!)

After talking money (which is super awkward, yo!) the two of them moved a ton of money around for their budget to hire me. ME!

ME!! I couldn’t believe it.

Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Not only did they hire ME to document this amazing season of their life together but they traveled all the way down to GA for their engagement session. And, as Jesus would do it, Jon landed an interview on his way in… An interview at his dream job.

Emory University Engagement Session

And he got the job. (And they’re moving closer to GA!! Tree and I have already decided we’re going to be mom besties.)

Due to COVID, we started at the beautiful Lullwater Park, and then hit up Emory’s STUNNING campus and it was virtually empty. We had the BEST time together, and before we knew it our time was over. I already miss them!! The back and forth texting just isn’t enough. 😂

How is it that my job is to hang out with the coolest people in the universe while documenting some of their most important memories?

I’m not crying.

Cheers- Until next time,

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