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"My husband and I could not be any more grateful to have had Rocheal as our photographer... Rocheal went SO above and beyond... that she was our favorite vendor. Through all the stress and nitty gritty of planning, Rocheal was our anchor and rock... She was always so willing to help with anything we needed. She put in the time and effort, and truly cared for our well-being (mentally and emotionally). She always made sure to be available for us, always reassuring, and her positive radiance really shined a light on the wedding planning process when things became overwhelming at times. Her sincerity and skills worked so perfectly together, and we will always remember our favorite vendor as we look back on our engagement & wedding. Trust me when I say that you will not regret hiring Rocheal as your photographer. :)

Also, all of our guests LOVED her energy. She is seriously a delight!"

Must-read praise

- Sara & Ki Bride & Groom

Apparently Chuck carries a serious face, and isn't into getting his pictures taken. I vaguely remembering him mentioning this to me before their engagement session, but EVERY groom says that. Could have fooled me!! Chuck was one of the FUNNEST (is that a word??) grooms EVER!!!!!!

"You don't understand... He never smiles for pictures, and he just melts for you!"

- 2019 Groom's dad

These two have THE sweetest family, you guys. I LOVE them. They were a little worried about their families meeting for the first time at their wedding, but they all INSTANTLY hit it off. It was like everyone had been close for years. Michelle and Trevor live in Florida, so I might be traveling to THEM for baby pictures!!! (wink)

"We LOVE you and are so happy we found you... When we have kids we're coming up there for pictures by you!"

-2019 Bride

"Thank you for making us so comfortable."

Katie expressed to me early on that she was not the most comfortable in her skin when it comes to cameras. I was a little nervous meeting her, but I was shocked when I met her; she is the SWEETEST!! Within the first 10 minutes, she was profusely thanking me for making her feel so comfortable. Spoiler alert: her portraits are AMAZING.

-Katie, 2019 bride


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