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Engagement Session Clothing Inspiration

Tips From An Atlanta Engagement Photographer

Finding engagement session clothing inspiration can be one of the most stressful parts of planning your session. Don’t let this discourage you, though!! Once you choose clothing you feel confident in, everything else flows.

There is SO much advice on Pinterest about what to wear and what not to wear to your e-session. Sometimes the tips contradict each other, and that’s because clothing isn’t one-style-fits-all. (Which I’m all too familiar with…)

Confidence is the most beautiful thing you can possess.

Sabrina Carpenter

First, ask yourself: What casual style do you feel confident in? For me, personally, I feel confident in jeans and some sort of flowy blouse, probably tucked in so that I don’t gain extra weight by the look of my flowy top.

Tree, above, is wearing a simple top tucked into some flowy shorts. She could have done this with any shorts or a pair of jeans. Tucked in tops with no pattern photograph really well.

Engagement Session Clothing Inspiration

Not everyone would feel confident in a tucked in shirt. Liz opted for a loose-fitting sweater and leggings. The loose/fitted combo works really well on her; she and Corey compliment each other well.

After you decide what casual outfit you feel the most confident in, next it’s time to figure out what formal outfit you love.

Here’s the thing: I don’t love “formal” clothing. But, I know that adding an outfit change to my engagement session really adds some diversity to my images, which allows me to get more use out of them!!

I know that flowy fabric photographs best and is flattering on almost all body types.

When I think of myself in a flowy dress, I know that I don’t mind my arms being exposed. When I try on dresses, I’ll be open to both sleeved and strapped dresses.

Atlanta Engagement Photographer

But not everyone feels that way. Usually: long, flowy dresses flatter every body type. Ladies who want to cover their arms may choose a dress with sleeves, and those who don’t mind their shoulder showing may choose a dress with straps.

Both options are fabulous, so long as you feel confident.

Colors for her:

Solid colors photograph well. Especially if your groom is wearing a patterned shirt. (Two people wearing patterned shirts would be way too busy for a photo.)

Generally, I think pastel-colored clothes photograph well. Blush tones are very feminine, and are almost always flattering. However, some women feel most confident in bold colors. Wear your clothing choices around and see which colors and styles you feel the most confident in.

Colors for him:

Talk to your groom and get a feel for what he feels most comfortable and confident in. Usually the guys are less than excited about engagement sessions, and so I always want them to be extra comfortable.

When you’re choosing clothes for him, keep in mind that patterns should be larger than a dime because smaller patterns (lines in the clothing) produce wild effects with a camera lens.

Tip: layers work well for the guys; they can easily cool off if they get hot & the layers provide some visual interest to what might otherwise be a boring shirt.

Pairing your outfits (colors)

Don’t try to match!!! Instead, coordinate. Trying to match colors not only gives you a headache, but almost always results in clashing and also a lack of contrast.

Engagement Session Clothing Tips

Shoes: plan on doing a lot of walking. You wouldn’t know it, but most of my couples wear tennis shoes and/or go barefoot in between pictures. Sometimes we’re having so much fun that the ladies decide to stay barefoot.

In other words: don’t stress about your shoes. Heels usually photograph really well, but so do simple flats.

Both guys and gals should stay away from tennis shoes (for your pictures… however, bring them to walk around in when we’re in between shots!)

Hopefully this was helpful! Have questions? Comment here, or shoot me a DM on Instagram!

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