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Engagement Session Clothing Inspo

Engagement Session Clothing Inspo

I know when I was getting ready for my e-session, I was COMPLETELY stressed. I needed engagement session clothing inspo, for real!! Some people are pretty much wizards when it comes to styling. I naturally am not. Which I used to think was bad (since I’m a photographer and all), but now I’m convinced it’s a good thing because I TOTALLY get it when my clients need help planning their outfits.

Gone are the days, thank goodness, of this matchy-matchy thing we used to do. (Yeah, NOT my photo…)

I could make fun of this for days, as I’m sure everyone else could, but really it’s simple. The photos lacks a visual interest. The background is blue, and they’re all wearing BLUE jeans. Everyone is not only creeping up on dad, but they also blend right in with him. There’s no contrast. Lastly, and the thing that bothers me maybe more than anything else is the bottom of this kid’s shoe… It’s pretty much the ONLY thing in the picture with contrast, so my eyes go straight to it.

If mom would have worn a green necklace, your eyes would immediately go there. Why? Because it would introduce contrast.

Engagement Session Clothing Inspo

We were a little worried about Chuck’s plaid shirt here, but I think it works well in this sense because of what Jess is wearing. It’s like her bright shirt calms his busy stripes. And my eyes are drawn right to her smile and her earring. Why? They’re both a statement. She has a boldly colored shirt with a neutral colored pair of big earrings. (Perfect balance!!) This just wouldn’t be the same without those earrings.

These two don’t even match colors, yet the two of them are coordinated well. Their style is matched (David’s bowtie is very dressy, and so Starr chose dressier earrings.)

They coordinate. And so do Kat and Evan! (here’s their wedding!)

Engagement Session Clothing Inspo

As you’re prepping for your session, consider the style of clothing you feel most comfortable in. Flowy dresses are flattering on most women, and they are so versatile.

Women with a thinner frame might feel confident in a spaghetti-strapped top, while women with a larger frame might feel confident with longer sleeves.

But obviously there are no hard rules.

As you plan your outfits, consider one casual look and one dressier look. Come dressed in your dressier outfit first so your hair is fresh and the clothes don’t get wrinkled.

(Yes, I know some of these are shown twice, but I’m making a point here!! You might not even realize they’re the same couple because their outfit change is so dramatic!)

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As your engagement session date approaches, I’ll send you an email with fantastic tips inside to help and inspire you even more!!

Do you have any jewelry you could recommend? Enlighten me!!

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