"Atlanta's Best Wedding Photographer"

- By LUx Magazine

"Rocheal is the definition of phenomenal. I have never met someone so committed to making her clients feel like they are the only people in the entire world."


- Chanel

Quick Note:
Why your words matter

When you're looking for a new place to grab a bite to eat, what do you do?
Search reviews, of course!

What about when you're investing in something?
You read the reviews!

Reviews matter HUGELY. To the business owner & to the customer.

Why do reviews matter?

What you say, and how you say it *matters*

5-Star reviews are incredible for me. They help me rank high on Google, and they obviously do loads for my credibility, but do you know what really matters?

What you say, and how you say it.

Think about how you felt when you were looking for a wedding photographer... 

Couples deserve someone who will take care of them on their wedding day.

No one has a story quite like yours... The story of your experience matters so much!


Write a story

about something personal

Did something happen before your wedding day that I helped you with?

Was something particularly meaningful on your wedding day?

Tell a story inside your review.


Think about

how you felt when you were about to book me...

What were your fears? Were you on the fence at all?
Have you ever read a review, and you were like, "THAT is exactly how I feel!!"
No one will be able to tell your story quite like you. Someone out there has the same fears you felt, and they're wondering if they're making the right choice.

Did you know I get messages from people who didn't book me, saying they *regret* it?? (That is TERRIBLE!!) It breaks my heart knowing there are couples out there who aren't 100% happy with their wedding photos.
It could be *your* story that helps them make an informed decision.

Don't overthink;

it's your story. Let it flow.

Don't worry about covering *all* the basis.

Jot down some things that were really meaningful, and tell a story around one or two of them.

Include your fears when you were on the fence about booking, and submit!! Don't overthink it.

Overdo yourself

if you're feeling insanely generous

If you have time, copy and paste the review you wrote on all the other platforms!!

I'll post the links that'll take you straight there.
(P.S. No pressure!!)

how to write a rockin' review