"We've been doing hair & makeup for 24 years, and
so few photographers impress us...
You were a stand-out"
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More About Rocheal

A little smitten with black coffee and deeply obsessed with my white lab, I find myself looking for the details between the lines in this black-and-white world.

When I first got into photography, I was an atheist.
Growing up in a world filled with drugs and rock and roll, school wasn't a priority for me. I learned early on that the world had winners and losers, and I wasn't sure where my family fit.

For most of my life, I ran from Jesus, irritated by the "Bible Thumpers." I couldn't believe in a God who would allow the things that happened to us.

Then 2014 happened.
I had just graduated college and was about to marry the man of my dreams.

While wrapping up the final details of wedding planning, I stopped by my tailor's house for some dress measurements before heading out for my bachelorette weekend.

Before I left, she invited me for coffee and totally took me off guard when she asked, "Have you ever accepted God as your savior?"
Oh, cool. Another Bible thumper... 🤦‍♀️
"No, and I don't plan on it," I replied with a forced smile.

"Oh, that's okay. This is really on my heart. Just sit right here next to me and repeat what I say..."

I refused many times, but eventually, quite irritated, I sat down and repeated after her. I even told her that her little spell wasn't going to work because I was angry and didn't believe in any of it. She only smiled.

Suddenly, something happened. Physically —something warm, a golden-like glowing fullness that washed into my feet and swept up my body. When I opened my eyes, the day was vibrant. I heard birds singing. My senses were heightened. I thought she spiked my coffee. I was terrified. And I wanted to leave!!

Later that week, on the last morning with my friends at my bachelorette weekend, I woke up early to enjoy coffee on the balcony and finish a book. After closing the final page, I went to get more coffee and found a bird sitting inside, on our stove, looking at me. If I only had the space to tell you the significance of birds in this story...

I approached him slowly, hoping he wouldn't fly away, and he didn’t. I put my finger out, hoping he would climb on, and he did. Instantly, I was reminded of that warm, vibrant, golden-like feeling sweeping through my body. That was the moment I realized my tailor hadn't spiked my coffee, and my life began to change.

Once I recognized that the feeling was God, everything started transforming.

I had spent most of my life running from Him, trying to define myself as a free individual, only to find myself more chained down. As my relationship with Jesus matured, I learned that He is the one who breaks chains, and if you knew my story, you'd see the significance.

When I found Him, I found my passions and the permission to pursue them. I quit my job and started my own business. Spending my weekends photographing weddings and baptisms is pretty much the coolest thing in the world...

This brings me to photography: the heart of how I fell in love with people.

What began as a job has turned into a soul-shifting, purposeful passion I never anticipated.

After photographing countless weddings, I understand the importance of my role. Helping my couples plan their wedding day means the difference between them enjoying their day and remembering it as stressful, posed, and rushed.

It’s my burning passion for you to feel comfortable and at ease on your wedding day because I know how crucial it is for beautiful moments to wash over you.

I've developed a system so my couples can rest. You know your memories are safe, your wedding day will be incredible; we understand how to take care of our couples.

I want your wedding day to show you the importance of slowing down to experience your memories in the making. Feeling comfortable. At ease. Natural.

This journey has taught me to see the world differently.

The small, fleeting moments that God gifts us are so important, and capturing those moments that cannot be recreated is my passion and promise to you.

"So apparently we're freaking professional models!!! Holy crap, these are freaking amazing!!!"

- Chelsea, Stone Mountain

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I'm insanely shy

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The passion behind why I'm a wedding photographer

I believe that every person deserves to be known because every story can impact the world. I love weddings because I believe in the power of two people coming together. Call me crazy, but I pray over my cameras and what they capture because I believe His power in my couples' stories is what changes everything. Those little moments on your wedding day are precious.

More about why

And I believe that can change the world...

Our world has never been quite this way. Technology has given us so much, but it's also taken so much. As I sit and type this, I am giggling at Rachel and Brandon's wedding party's "antiquated" cell phones piled in my utility belt in 2020. (That was basically *decades" ago in the world of technology.)
As the world shifts and changes around you, it's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind and forget what matters.

10 years from now, when you have all the tiny photos locked away in an app on your phone, I want you to snuggle up with your spouse and relive the magic of your wedding day in your album. I want you to reminisce... laugh with your friends, cry during your ceremony, cherish your grandmother in those family portraits, and tear up as you remember your First Dance.

THAT is why I pray over my couples. That's why I pray over my cameras, and the moments they capture. That's why we're obsessed with wedding albums.

My Personal Story

This stuff matters so much to me. Why? Because my story was quite different. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if my mom and dad stayed married. If she would have had the wherewithal to seek help when he hit her, or if he would have had the confidence to accept help for himself... Or for her when she had troubles. Maybe, I wonder, had they found a way to help each other, would my mom have struggled with addiction until it took her life? Would my dad still be trapped in what I know he desires so deeply to change? I'll never know.

A Deeper Look into

But one thing I do know is this: Marriage should be sacred.

I watched my mother allow men into our home so that she could afford to feed us, and her addiction. I watched my dad struggle in his own difficulties... completely unable to help me because, for whatever reason, he didn't have the ability. I have a curiosity about who I would be and where I would have landed if my parents would have been healthy and supported each other. I don't wonder because I would change anything that happened; it's led me to a life of abundance that I love so much... But...

This is why I'm passionate about marriage.
When two people come together, stories collide, and a legacy starts.
My clients, ultimately -- when you think about it, are the very people who will be raising our next generation.

This is why I'm intentional and passionate about how I run my business.

I know that love can change the world, and that it all starts with marriage.

“You're so much more than my photographer; I feel so much calmer. Your voice is like a meditation.”


- Tree, bride in the throws of wedding day stress

When we weren't at the lake in GA, we were at the beach in FL. I spent every waking moment in the water as a kid.

That's my dad! I was really close with him when I was little... He owned his own HVAC repair business, and I remember riding in his old blue work van with him to jobs. It didn't have seatbelts (or seats) in the back! I'd spend the day exploring his clients' properties while he worked... We spent a lot of time together, and it was a blast.

I grew up on the beach.

My parents divorced when I was around 2, and my mom and I left family in Georgia and went Clearwater, Florida. She made a living as a waitress on the beach, and met all kinds of famous folks. One time Mel Gibson tried to get her to pull his hair to prove it was real. (She didn't...)
I also went to work with her a lot, and walked the beach or sat in the hotel. I don't remember as much about those days, other than the glorious sunshine & hot sand on my feet.

My mom and I

Our home was constantly FULL of them. Always. My mother took them in - nonstop. (She had a huge heart)
I don't think there was a time in my childhood when we had less than 8 cats and dogs running around; I thought it was awesome! One time she even stole a monkey from a zoo (it's a long story). This cougar here has a pretty cool story too.
Anyway... My mom instilled a love for furry creatures in my heart, and I always thought I'd grow up to be a veterinarian.


But I did not become a veterinarian; I became a teacher!

...Ironic because I hardly attended school as a child.

My mom was more of a friend than she was a parent so I really got to do whatever I wanted! I dropped out of 11th grade (with As and Bs!) and a short time later found myself graduating from college with a dual degree in B.S.ED and K-12 Special Ed.
Teaching was an adventure, and my kids meant so much to me!!


My kids in my classroom were my WORLD. We did Yoga together, learned through games instead of worksheets, and best of all: there was meaning behind what they learned. (Instead of it all being about test scores)
I poured into my kids and they poured into each other. It was an incredible journey, but I didn't have the freedom to teach in the ways I knew they needed. Once I learned there was nothing I could to change the system, I met with my principal, and we both shed tears as I resigned. It was one of the best decisions of my life.

(fun fact...)

Around this time, I married the coolest, smartest, funniest, weirdest, most loyal person I'll ever meet.

We met in 2006, and have been together since 2010.

My husband is pretty much the complete opposite of me. A DIY'er- who knows how to fix absolutely anything and is his happiest when tinkering.

He is the brains behind ALL the behind-the-scenes-computer workings of my business.
I hope I always get to do life with him.

My Wedding!

After our wedding we left the country for Tango Mar in Costa Rica and It. Was. AWESOME. If we weren't galavanting around the sketchy outskirts of our resort, we were enjoying drinks poolside. I laugh now because I remember saving all the fruit from my drinks for the lizards, and eventually they learned to follow me around...

We traveled on horseback, zip lined, had an ATV adventure, and saw so much stuff.
It was incredible, and we want to go back with our kids now!!


We're a pretty busy bunch! My husband runs a retail store and is currently thinking about going into business with me... I run my team here, and also a Photo Booth business. Together we homeschool our kids. Week days are full of homeschooling, shuttling kids to classes and events, and office work for my business. The rare weekends we get together are reserved for family time.

In our leisure, we're hiking, racing at K1 Speed, playing mini golf, or finding another way to ignore our endless DIY projects at home...

Our family today

Perhaps we need a more professional gif, but this is us at the end of a long wedding day, having fun at our Photo Booth... And we don't believe in taking life super seriously.
Rocheal Photography has grown into a team of two lead photographers and a handful of amazing second shooters. Stephen and I are the head photographers here, and we have a blast when we get to work weddings together, though those days are fewer as he takes more and more weddings on his own. We're having a great time doing business together and are so grateful to our amazing couples.

My Business



After photographing over 300 combined weddings, we've come to recognize the Timeline as the backbone to every event. Jump in to get a feel for how we do timelines and grab these 7 must-have tips every bride needs to know.

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