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I LOVE the gorgeous,

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My passion is chasing authentic moments

I love hearing about all you're planning, and getting to know you.

Don't settle for awkward poses and stiff smiles.


personality matters.
we always have our first meeting in person or over the phone.

there may or may not
be coffee involved. Or beer.
Maybe chocolate.

Choosing a photographer is a big decision.
(You'll spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than you will your spouse!)

Choosing The right Wedding Photographer



Your experience with Rocheal



The beautiful wedding day details, the breathtaking portraits, the tears, the joy... I love it all.

After photographing my very first wedding, I knew right away I'd found my calling, and I thank God for the opportunity I have in front of me at every wedding.
The daddy/daughter dances are one of my favorites because my dad wasn't at my wedding, and I know how precious that is. Preserving the moments of the groom with his mom on the dance floor remind me to love on my own sons, so I can one day share the dance floor with them at their wedding.

Before every wedding, I spend some time in my car praying for my couple, their wedding day, and the marriage ahead of them, and ask God for a clear mind so I can serve them throughout the day.

Aside from this crazy little family of mine, serving my couples is truly the most rewarding part of my life. I cherish the relationship with my couples, and the friendships that have developed along the way. Our experience may begin with your engagement, but it lasts far beyond. I'm excited for you to look around on my website and learn more about what it's like to be one of my couples!

01. The Process

I know that wedding photography is not one-size-fits-all, and so I love getting to know my potential couples. I recognize that I serve a very specific type of bride who wants genuine emotion in her images and beautiful portraits from her wedding day. My brides want more than just pretty pictures; they want an experience!

I love my clients, and so our first step together is making sure we're the perfect fit for each other.

After that, we move on to the booking process!

Let's get to know each other!

Up next: Save the date!

The Process

02. The Process

Aaah! So we were MADE for each other! Our next step is to save your date in my calendar so this dream can be a reality!
We'll talk about your visions for your wedding, and I will send you a custom booking proposal where you can review your package, pay your deposit, and make this official!!

Now we can really get started!!

Save the date!

Up next: Your Engagement

The Process

03. The Process

Your engagement session!! No problem if you've never felt comfortable in front of the camera because after the first 20 minutes of your engagement session, you will BOTH feel like pros! (Seriously!)
This is the time when I teach you everything you need to know about posing, so that by the time your wedding day rolls around it's a breeze!

Your engagement

Up next: Timeline Talk

The Process

04. The Process

All those fun shots with friends, incredible detail photos, and beautiful portraits you've seen-- I'll work with you to help ensure you get the shots you want the most!
Once we're about 8 weeks from your wedding day, we will start making sure we're ready for your big day! I love creating custom timelines for my couples' wedding days because it helps us set the pace of the day so you can get the photos you love!

Timeline talk

Up next: Your wedding!

The Process

05. The Process

It's here!! The moment you've been waiting for. It's time for you to relax, and let me get to work!
I believe there's no way to shoot a wedding other than by telling the FULL story of the day, so I never shoot less than 8 hours. Believe it or not, your wedding day will go SO quick that it will be a blur in your memory!! Because of this I make sure to get the traditional images you know and love, but I also love capturing the moments in between.
After your big day, your wedding will be featured on my blog the following Tuesday!! I like to get the blog out quickly while everyone is still super excited from the wedding; it's so much more fun than keeping my couples waiting!

Your wedding!

Up next: Digital To life

The Process

06. The Process

After your wedding day, you'll receive an online gallery full of your wedding day memories. I hope you'll grab a favorite drink with your new husband, sit back, and relive your wedding day in the hundreds and hundreds of pictures!!
Soon after your gallery goes live, you will also receive your album design (if you ordered one!), and you can begin customizing it.

Digital to life

Up next: Last, not least

The Process

07. The Process

As an official #RPC (Rocheal Photography Couple), you get to join the others in my exclusive photography club! In 2019 I closed my family and portrait photography business doors to the public, and now ONLY offer those photography sessions to my past wedding couples!!

Last, not least

The Process

Congratulations on your engagement!

I'll tell you a little about me...



I used to have a stable career as a teacher, and my children went to public school like most of the rest of the world. My husband thought I was crazy when I told him I wanted to quit my job and start a business. So did my mother-in-law. :)

I'm pretty competitive, and so it's been fun watching their concern morph into crazy excitement.

My Philosophy.
My business.

It is my honor to be apart of your wedding.

My philosophy is simple: Treat others the way you'd want to be treated. Serve the world to make it a better place.
My business is a dream. I love meeting new people and forming friendships with my couples. Every love story is so unique, and I LOVE preserving it. Hiking to a fun location, taking rad pictures, and goofing off with my couples is the life for me.

See me in action

My family is a bit unique. In the morning we pig out on avocados and cheese eggs. Afternoons are full of SOMEthing homeschool: field trips or noses in books. In the late evening, you'd find my husband and I hanging out and telling stories on the back deck with an IPA in hand.
Sweetwater is my current favorite brew, I LOVE wild weather, and I'm trying to learn how to not kill houseplants.

So do I

If you've made it this far

you probably love to have fun.

You're willing to get your dress a little dirty.

You don't mind getting up at sunrise, or being out after dark.

You appreciate a good hike with fun conversation.

You're passionate, and love those moments when you don't have a care in the world.


Video courtesy of Bobby from BEV Weddings.
(A preferred vendor!)

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Libby & Fin


"...seriously so much more than I could have hoped for! We had such a blast with you... Everyone at my office is SWOONING!"

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Dave & Kelley


"I'm not sure what I'm most excited about: these pictures.. or the fact that I get a lifetime of more photos with this woman."

"I can't quit looking at them.  I love every single one. And that's rare for pictures of me!!"

Jessica & Charles


"It's like her positive energy creates this zone around you, and you are happy, laughing, forgetting about the world around you."
"She has the best personality, a heart of gold... She knows how to destress a situation."

Crispin & Brandon


"OMG! Love Love Love! Everyone else has been obsessed with the pics as well! Everyone at work has been talking about how great they are!"

Next Review

Marielle & Austin


"...showed no nerves, and kind of just rolled with us. God went before us, and I believe He picked you."
""These pictures are seriously wonderful. You are wicked, wicked talented & captured their love so well."
"I love how you captured personalities as though you have known us forever!"

Erin & Jordan


"I love you! And your amazing talented abilities!! You did it flawlessly!!"
"ROCHEAL! We BOTH cried looking at these!"

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Tori & Ben


"Everyone at work today was talking about our photos!!! They were all obsessed!"

Starr & David


"We LOVEEE the pictures on the blog. Thank you!!!"
"David and I were randomly talking about how great our photos came out... You’re amazing with the flash which gives us confidence that no matter the conditions our pictures will come out awesome!"

Next Review

Kat & Evan


"I already have two favorites from the ones I saw [on the blog] yesterday! I'm obsessed with the ones I've seen!!"



"You can tell this is truly is her passion... she respects her clients & gives them exactly what they want."

Next Review

Anonymous :)


"...Patient, accommodating, and made sure I felt supported and heard through every step."



"You made my thighs flawless! I LOVE THIS!!! And I pretty much always hate pictures of me."

Next Review

Ashley & Alex


"She is just as much invested in your memories as you are... She's ready for anything... We love her!"

Denise & Family


..."2 weddings, 3 family photos, 2 Santa shoots, 2 first birthdays, and a boudoir session... She is excellent in her work to capture every special moment, is amazing at thinking outside the box...I highly recommend her for any occasion. She's just a pleasure to work with and very timely with photos."

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Paige & Nick


"She is genuine and personable. Her photos never disappoint and she has a knack for always getting our son to laugh...
She has become our family photographer and friend!
I wish we would’ve known about her for our wedding we would’ve definitely have used her! She takes really amazing photos!"



"If you have a vision for a shot that other photographers have no clue how to capture, Rocheal will figure it out. And, oh my gosh, they turned out amazing!! She took care of me the whole time, making sure I wasn't uncomfortable and always knew what was going on. That's the mark of a true professional."

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Cally & Brett


"My standards are pretty high. Rocheal... exceeded them. She went above and beyond to capture special moments the day of our ceremony. She has a great talent...She was actually my favorite vendor. Words can’t describe how awesome she is as an artist as well as how comfortable she makes you feel."

Family of a bride


I have been in the wedding music biz for over 30 years. I have seen it all; and I know the difference between good, better, best wedding photographers, believe you me - Rocheal is the best!  Her innate ability to... make it happen with people of different ages, styles, attitudes, is what makes her a pro. Kind, caring, and polite demeanor is top notch! 5 stars! YES!"

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"I’m a photographer, but dread having my own photos taken because I always hate how I look. Rocheal seriously made me look & feel beautiful in the images she took of me & my family. These are definitely timeless images that I’ll cherish for a lifetime 💗 thank you so much, Rocheal!"

Crispin & Brandon


"I got my pictures back in less than a week! They were all amazing. Rocheal listened to exactly what I wanted and I only gave her a little time to do it! Everyone has commented at how beautiful the pictures were! Plus she really loves this and wants nothing but to give you exactly what you want! Love love love her"

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Notes I cherish from my clients

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My photography style is classic and timeless. My images have vibrant colors and beautiful contrast.

Wedding Experiences begin at $2,000 with most of my couples investing an average of $2,500.

Wedding Collections
begin at $2,000

See my process

Small elopements begin at $1,062.

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