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Meet Rocheal

Photography is one of the most important investments of your wedding day

You consider yourself a pretty simple gal, but you also love getting dressed up. Putting makeup on. Looking pretty.

You want a photographer who is fun. witty. charismatic. adventurous.

I love capturing the moments most people miss, I love my coffee black, my labs white, and my clients joyful.

You want a wedding photographer who can pose you to get all those right angles, but you also cherish candid moments.

You appreciate a solid plan, but you don't mind some spontaneity. You love the high-end look, but you don't mind getting your feet dirty.

What I Capture

The things that make your story unique.
The emotions that no one wants to forget.

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Have a wedding planner, or are you DIY'ing? Still- Do yourself a favor: learn the secrets of a great wedding day timeline and make your wedding day smoother.

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Your Wedding Day Timeline

Downtown Dahlonega never disappoints, but I was worried this time! We had no idea it was graduation day at the local college, and the square was PACKED!

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Bridget & Matt | Engaged!

Vacation this past year was a huge reminder to take the time to slow down, breathe, and notice what's around. I didn't realize how...


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Wedding day tips, secrets to great photos, and more...

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