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For the couple who values authenticity

Here you are.
This is a moment you used to pray for.
(You didn't realize how stressful it would be, but you're grateful for this wedding.)

You're drawn the emotion in photos of real couples enjoying each other.

You don't know if you have what it takes to look so candid.
So relaxed. So effortless.

You want to feel comfortable and happy around your photographer.

So you can be present on your wedding day.
Free to feel the magic and awe.

Pour a drink, lean into this moment.
Take a deep breath.
Allow yourself to just be.
This process can be easier than you think.

This is how my couples feel too.

You're here for a reason.
Give yourself permission to be present and explore.

"Best Wedding Photographer in Atlanta"

-Lux Magazine

Meet Rocheal

I'm here, with you, in these moments, to capture your most precious memories with energetic passion and intentional style.

Some years ago I wasn't
a wedding photographer.

I was in your shoes, counting down the days to June 1, 2014...

I remember the day I met with our photographer. I knew she was the one. I felt so comfortable with her, and I knew I could trust her to get my camera-hating husband to smile.

She did. And those pictures mean so much to me.

Our wedding day came (and went) in a blur. And I remember saying to my husband in the back of the limo, "This was AWESOME! Let's get married EVERY DAY!!"

Planning my wedding.

I remember the months leading up to the big event... It was all so exciting, but also so overwhelming.

Suddenly, everyone had an opinion, and the most popular was, "Your wedding day will be a blur!"
I began to realize how important the photography would be.

You can have that peace of mind.

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"Best Timeless Wedding Photographer in Georgia"

-New World Report

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