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What to Wear to An Engagement Session

Congratulations on your engagement! One of the exciting milestones during this season is capturing beautiful engagement photos. These photos not only freeze a precious moment in time but also serve as beautiful decor & precious memories from your wedding (hello gorgeous oversized prints and a personalized guest book for your loved ones to write in!!) And of course, you’ll want to show these off on your social media feed. As a wedding photographer, I’m here to guide you on how to look your absolute best and help you decide what to wear to an engagement session.

Choosing the Perfect Outfit

Your outfit will play a crucial role in how you look, and can really take your photos from drab to luxury. Here are some dos and don’ts for both ladies and gents: (Note that these aren’t hard and fast rules!)

  • Ladies:
    • DO: Opt for a long, flowy dress that makes you feel amazing.
    • DO: Consider covering your shoulders and/or arms with beautiful sleeves, a pashmina, or a shawl if you’re self conscious in these areas.
    • DON’T: Choose outfits with extra fabric around the midsection.
    • DON’T: Let your bra straps show and ask your photographer to edit them.
    • DO: Make sure a low-cut top doesn’t reveal too much; that will limit your poses and the angles we can shoot from!
    • DO: Invest in professional hair and makeup for that extra confidence boost.
  • Gents:
    • DO: Wear layered outfits like a suit with suspenders or a vest.
    • DON’T: Sport logos.
    • DON’T: Wear tennis shoes.
  • Coordinating
    • DO: Coordinate colors, but avoid matching.
    • DO: Accessorize to tie your looks together.
    • DON’T: Over or underdress the other person.

Casual Outfit Tips

If we’re photographing you in two looks, plan to start in your casual outfit. This look is your everyday wear- what you would put on to go out to dinner with the in-laws, perhaps. Jeans can be okay, and even though this is your casual look, dress it up just a little… Both of you should leave your sneakers at home, and Gents: don’t bring your Polo shirt!

Dressier Outfit Tips

Your second look should be the dressiest, even if you don’t dress up often. Go all out! Have fun!! Think: This is what I would wear if my bestie was getting married at an upscale country club. The dressier the better! THESE clothes are what will make your photographs look professional and high-end.

  • Know that heels can sink in the ground if we’re outside. Consider heel stoppers, Grasswalkers, or thicker wedges. Plan to switch to your walking shoes in between shots if that will help you be comfortable.
  • Great dress options are cocktail dresses, black tie dresses, a cute summer dress, or even long flowing maxi dresses or skirts. Flowy dresses make for some really cool movement in your photos.
  • Pair your high-end look with jewelry accessories to accentuate your best features! If you’re not that into dresses, a nice blouse with coordinating pants can be dressy too!
  • Lulu’s is awesome for dresses! They offers a stunning collection of dresses with the added perk of free returns! This allows you to order multiple sizes upfront, try them on, and return any items you don’t keep at absolutely no cost to you. Plus, they cover the shipping costs if you return the items within a specified timeframe. I’ve photographed many brides-to-be wearing dresses from Lulu’s!
  • Baltic Born is another favorite of mine, and where most of the dresses in my Client Closet came from!
  • Rent the Runway is another really cool option! If you haven’t heard of this place yet, it’s a place you can rent a luxury designer dress at a fraction of the cost, with the added benefit of not worrying about owning it forever! They even provide you with two sizes of your choice and a complimentary second designer option to ensure your satisfaction with the dress. Now, that’s cool!

What to Wear to An Engagement SessionPreparing Your Outfits

When selecting outfits, think about comfort and confidence. If you’re going for two looks, have a casual and dressy look ready, starting in your casual wear and planning the dressier outfit being the highlight of your session.

  • Iron and/or steam your clothes to avoid wrinkles.
  • Hang them when traveling to avoid wrinkles.
  • Make sure you have a plan for where you’ll change your clothing.

Secret Tips for A Successful Session

  • Feel and Look Your Best
    • LADIES: Invest in professional hair and makeup so you shine and look your best.
    • LADIES: Consider a pedicure if your feet will show.
    • Invest in a manicure for those close up shots of your ring.
    • Opt for comfortable footwear, especially if shooting outdoors. Remember: you can walk in your comfortable shoes in between shooting locations.
    • Bring lots of water, especially if it’s hot outside.
    • Bring a mini fan & sweat rag if you’re prone to sweating.
    • Opt for a sunrise session to avoid heat, frizzy hair, and sweating.

Tips for the Best Timing and Lighting

Timing is key for the perfect engagement session. Aim for soft, flattering light by scheduling your session during specific times:

  • Summer: 1-3 hours before sunset or one hour after sunrise.
  • Spring: At least 2-3 hours before sunset.
  • Know that some locations look best during the sunrise, and others look best at sunset.

Maximizing the ExperienceWhat to Wear to An Engagement Session | Afterward

After your engagement session, make the most of your investment and let all this planning pay off by enjoying a fun date night or a gathering with loved ones to celebrate this special milestone.

By following these tips and guidelines, you’ll not only look your best but also feel confident and relaxed during your engagement session. Embrace your unique style to let your love and personalities shine through these photos.

Important Reminders

Be on time! Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your session to account for traffic, parking, and to give yourself time to freshen up and relax before our session.

Relax!! Once you’ve planned your looks, it’s my job to make sure you look your best once everything is said and done.

I hope this blog was helpful for you to know what to wear to an engagement session!

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