Getting Married in the Woods

October 14, 2018


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When I heard about Brett and Cally, I was stoked. (Thank you for referring me, Kate!!) Not only does this make Cally and Brett Rocheal Photography’s official second wedding, but they’re a Rocheal Photography first for a big venue! And, y’all… They chose a pretty venue. Little did I know… The photos online hardly do it justice.

When Cally called me and began telling me about her wedding plans and her family, I was even more excited. The opportunity to watch two families come together to celebrate love is so special… and what makes it even more fun is that it’s been a while since everyone has seen each other. I could just feel how much Cally her family, and I know they missed her. What a blessing it is for me to be invited to capture such a special time for these two families.

As Cally explained her decor taste to me, I could feel her vision in my soul. Simple. Clean… Natural, if you will. (I see why she chose this venue!) 🙂
After stopping by to say hello to Kym at the top of the property, we headed down to meet with Cally and her gals. Enter: Rings and flowers. How gorgeous are these flowers?! If you’ve never seen a raw diamond ‘in the rough’, it’s worth taking a moment to look. This beautiful stone is in its natural state, shaped only by God. The inclusions in this stone, which most brides try to avoid, are what give it its unique and amazing character. It’s cloudy. It’s rough. It’s raw. It’s perfection. This stone is literally one of a kind, and, after enjoying it up close, I appreciate its symbolic and actual perfection.


After meeting Cally and playing with her rings on her gorgeous bouquet, we headed down to see where the ceremony would be. Their modern wooden rustic ceremony pavilion is just breathtaking. While Cally and Brett’s beautiful ceremony took place, guests enjoyed a simple orchestra and had a beautiful view of the lake and its serene fountain. Cally mentioned she was epically fond of the benches, and thought their (out of order) numbers were the perfect touch. I agreed.




After the ceremony, we headed off for some fun family formals (you can see some at the bottom of this page!), and then we got to sneak away with the two newlyweds for some absolutely breathtaking portraits. Here are a few favorites. (Sans my VERY favorite, which I’m saving for last!)


As the sun continued to settle quickly behind the hills, I told Cally and Brett about a spot in the front of the property we saw when we were driving in… I mentioned it was a bit of a hike, and was so thankful when Cally agreed to give it a look!

Unfortunately, since Hurricane Michael just finished gracing us with its fantastic downpours, the original spot I scouted was much too steep and muddy for any of us to climb. However, right across the small driveway, some slightly less steep rolling hills showcased themselves— just waiting to be hiked.
We slipped. We almost fell. But we hiked. And BOY was it worth it… Cally and Brett— you are troopers!! I hope you already know where you’re framing this, because it might be my very favorite photo yet.


What a view.

As day rolled into evening, we headed down to the reception to join the party! S’Mores, music, family, and food. Perfection!

Cally and Brett, thank you so much for choosing me to capture your absolutely precious wedding day. I enjoyed meeting your lovely families and especially loved watching you two join together as one.
Your love is beautiful.

To Catherine and Kym at In The Woods— wow. Thank you for your welcoming support and gorgeous venue. I hope this will be the beginning of a lasting relationship with you all!

Tyson Michael Halford— your music was awesome. You are gifted!! I enjoyed so much singing and dancing along to your music while photographing this lovely family.

To Gail at A Perfect Wedding Floral Design— your bouquets… WOW. Stunning!! I cannot wait to decorate my bridal magazine with the gorgeous shots I got of your flowers. I will send them to you when I deliver Cally and Brett’s wedding gallery!!

Ms. Kailey!! You were so sweet to have helped me capture the shot I wanted for Cally while you were busy working on her makeup and hair. Thank you for being patient and allowing me to play with Cally!! Your makeup lasted all day long. Cally. Was. STUNNING.

For now, and until next time, here are a few more of my favorites from Cally and Brett’s unforgettable day of love.




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