The field… The light… THE SKY!

October 8, 2018




Lawrenceville Georgia Photographer

Prospect Farms Photographer


That sky, y’all. Her earrings. That kiss… I could stare at this photo for hours.

I toured Prospect Farms a few months ago right after their wildflower field was mowed and just before the sunflowers were ready, so not exactly ideal timing. 🙂

Meet Tabitha.

Tabitha and I met through our mutual love of photography. I was in dire need of headshots, as was she. I also haven’t had professional photos taken of my family since my wedding!! We decided to do a photography swap!! We totally had the same location ‘ideas’ in mind… A field… With a nice sunset… Maybe some country chic vibe to it.

Anyway— one of us mentioned Prospect Farms, and after Tabitha toured for herself, she was quick to decide! Both of us are in love with their rope swings, and their fields and fun little props are also perfect.

Off we went!! Tabitha shot us last weekend, and I had a blast!! We all really needed this time together, and to have photographs of it all is really special. I can’t wait to hang these in our home— and I absolutely cannot wait to get family pictures done again!! We have GOT to do this more often… If you’re curious, here are some of my favorites!! (Photo credit to Tabitha Baldwin Photography, LLC.)



Awesome, right?!

When I got to the farm for Tabitha’s session, I loaded up my strobe and soft box… juuusssssttt in case I had time to play with the sky. I’m still learning what’s called “off-camera flash”, so I was very nervous! Well, traffic in Atlanta is a nightmare, and guess what… Tabitha was running behind! Fortunately, we got straight to business! After headshots, we ran around to different places, and her hubby played right along. (If you’re reading this, hubby, thanks for being an amazing model and an exceptionally good sport!) We wrapped up early enough to play a little with my strobe, and boy was it worth it!! I still have a lot to learn, but I’m very happy with this sunset.



Thank you so much, Tabitha, for the opportunity to trade photography— I REALLY love our photos. And thank you for letting me photograph you and yours. I truly love Callie, and your boys are so sweet! Here are a few of my favorites.



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