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Baby Oliver, how I love your family.

Ashley and Alex are simply amazing. Alex has a relentlessly playful attitude, and Ashley patiently put up with his shenanigans. Every time these two get together, especially when they allow me to freeze them in a frame, their love is… almost seems out of this world.

I love seeing two people this in love. I’m so thankful they’ve chosen me as their photographer.

Ashley and Alex’s engagement photos were taken at Garrard Landing Park in Alpharetta on May 20, 2017. At the risk of sounding sappy, their engagement session was the very first session I walked away from feeling like I nailed it. I can look back at these now and appreciate my growth. Here are a few from my personal library that were flagged as favorites. (Yes, I’m a little embarrassed by a few of these, but these two are gorgeous, despite me having been so new to photography! Look at the crooked one! …what was I thinking… Basically it’s a Pinterest Fail.)


Down in front of the playground is this gorgeous field where those two simply couldn’t get enough of each other. I’m so happy Ashley chose this park again!! (I didn’t even fully utilize the grounds last time… Despite the million photographers who were there… and not very kind… I think I’ve found a favorite shooting location. (We’ll be sure to do it on a week day next time!)


Not only is she gorgeous, but she’s already rocking motherhood. Baby Oliver gets this book read to him nightly, though he’s not yet heard the ending because Ashley is sobbing by the middle of the book… Apparently every time.

If you’ve not read it, “Love You Forever” is a book by Robert Munsch about a mother loving on her baby, singing the same sweet lovely lullaby as she lays him in his crib each night. The baby grows into a rambunctious toddler who throws stuff into the toilet and a preteen who is obnoxious and rude. Toward the end, the mother becomes frail and old, and her grown ‘little boy’ is seen sitting on the edge of her bed, rocking her in his arms, singing the same sweet lullaby. It’s a tear jerker, especially if you’re pregnant!


Now, how about some pictures?!

Oh, these are dreamy!!


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