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June 14, 2018




June 14, 2018

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What’s something I love about being a woman? I love that I can grow a tiny mass of cells into a child… With features that are so similar to my own, and some that are undeniably my husband’s input. I must add I also love that I can continue to provide the nourishment, from just my body alone, to grow the child into a healthy baby who crawls and cries and laughs and babbles. AMAZING.

What’s something I don’t so much love about being a woman? I don’t love the pressure I feel to have a stunning body. 

Let’s get real… What I love (these babies, y’all!) has put some stretch marks on my skin and has greatly sped up what gravity would have already done to parts of my body I’ll just not mention. 🙂 

The fact is, the media (social and otherwise) tells us we have to be perfect moms with perfect bodies and perfect husbands with perfect houses. Everything must be prim and proper and clean and tight and tone and smiling. Right? At least that’s what we feel like we’re supposed to strive for.

Then I turned 30. Or, like… 32 or something. I don’t remember. And I realized WHO GIVES A SHIT?! And I felt a calm sense of ‘okay’… ‘I’m good enough’ come over me. And it’s stuck… And I wanted to make others feel the same!! 

Enter boudoir

So I gathered some BEAUTIFUL women together and we all threw a big huge boudoir party. We had wine, champagne, chocolate strawberries, nuts, and deliciously salty nuts. 🙂 

These ladies confided in me before the shoot began that they felt self-conscious about this, and kind of proud of that, but that they were overall super nervous and uneasy about doing such a shoot. But every one of them had something in common: they wanted to feel happy with how they look.

Here’s what happened. Spoiler alert: They ALL felt sexy. 


My point? Being a woman is powerful. Hold your head high, your shoulders straight, and look people in the eye. Don’t be afraid to NOT talk, and always remind yourself who you are.

And why you rock.



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