A Fort Yargo State Park Engagement

September 6, 2019


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I love it when my couples invite me to a little corner in the world that is special to them. Robyn and Mathias met about a year ago, and have kind of been inseparable since. Mathias is a PhD student at GA Tech, and is here from France! I’m pretty sure that’s one of Robyn’s favorite things about him; the two of them equally seem to love Mathias’ home town. We met yesterday at Fort Yargo State Park. It was my first time there… The park is SUPER awesome.

Robyn brought her fur child, Pepper, along for the session. (Y’all know I love engagement sessions with dogs!!!) Pepper has a really interesting background. She’s a rescue pup who spent a portion of her past life in prison. I’m sure she loved the attention from the inmates, and she now has an incredible home with Robyn, but she’s left with a bit of anxiety because of her complicated past. I noticed she was feeling nervous in the middle of the session, and Robyn mentioned that she enjoyed running. We unleashed her for a bit, and she was in heaven.

She ran back and forth (incredibly quickly) between Robyn and Mathias. (Fun fact: Cattle dogs like Pepper can run up to 20 miles per hour- I have no doubt she was nearing 20 MPH!)

The sun set over the lake while we all played in the sand and water. I love their playfulness!


Finally, after all the running, Pepper sat still long enough for us to balance Robyn’s ring on her fur. I love her speckled coloring.

I cannot wait for their wedding this February!!!

To Robyn and Mathias- Thank you for introducing us to Fort Yargo State Park, and for allowing us the opportunity to meet and play with Pepper!! We had a blast with you all.

Until next time!




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