A Third of Brides Regret their Wedding Day Photography

April 28, 2021




I recently learned that a third of brides regret their Wedding Day Photography and it blew my mind.

So I did some digging online – Facebook groups, forums, and the like.

Here’s a synopsis of common issues I found:

  • They didn’t have enough time for photos.
  • They forgot to tell their photographer they wanted certain photos
  • Their photographer’s camera malfunctioned

I could keep going, but the list is exhaustive. Let’s talk about this stuff.

Problem: Didn’t have enough time for photos

THIS was the biggest complaint, by far. Usually it was because hair and makeup ran behind. It’s no wonder A Third of Brides Regret their Wedding Day Photography… Here are some quotes:

“Didn’t budget enough time in the morning to do pictures.”

“…the hair and make up ran late, so we had to rush through  my portraits…”

>> and this one really piqued my interest… “I was a bridesmaid in a wedding that had HOURS of photos before the ceremony… I was so exhausted… by the time the reception rolled around I barely had any fun.”

What the bride sees: A hair/makeup/coordinator/etc. error
What I see: A timeline error

The bad news is just about every single wedding day runs behind at some point. The good news is, it’s almost always predictable.

A reputable, professional, and experienced wedding photographer KNOWS how to write a timeline, and will Go To Bat for you when the coordinator/mother-in-law/caterer/etc. has different opinions on how the day should flow. Cushion time will be built into your wedding day timeline when you hire a professional photographer so that “unforeseen” issues don’t cause complete chaos.

Problem: They forgot to tell their photographer about important photos wanted

Here are a few things brides said…

“…we forgot to take some of the ones I really wanted, like the wedding party all together.”

“I was so stressed out the day of my wedding that I completely forgot a few of the shots I really wanted…”

“I had a list of photos we wanted… but we still forgot pictures with some people!”

What the bride sees: Stress in making sure important photos are captured on the day of
What I see: A lack of communication before the wedding day

Yo. Most brides have never had a wedding! Most brides have been on Pinterest, however, and collect a list of photos they think they want. What happens here? An unrealistic list of photos from a gazillion places off the Internet, jumbled expectations, and a stressed-out brain.

An experienced photographer who *cares* about their couple will communicate with the couple, well before the wedding day, to gather a list of photos from different ‘chapters’ of the wedding day that are dear to the couple.
Sometimes it’s as precious as the reaction of the bride’s grandma when she walks down the aisle. Sometimes it’s as epic as the bride and groom spraying champagne at night. Or the groomsmen having a fun toast just before the day officially gets crazy. 🙂

Problem: Camera malfunction

The quotes:

“It took from the beginning of the speeches and didn’t take pictures again until the open floor dancing. Anything in between her camera drive did not pick up.”

“Hi, I too got a bad deal on my wedding photos. I waited and waited to hear back from the photographer I hired to take our photos and when I did he informed me that the camera “malfunctioned” and all my photos had been “lost”. To my horror there was nothing I could do but accept his apology and his refund check.”

What the bride sees: A disastrous event that she will pray never happens from this moment forward
What I see: The same thing the bride sees!

Although technical issues can arise, most of them that will happen have already happened and photographers have heard all the horror stories.

A professional, reputable, experienced, and careful photographer will already have preventative measures in place.

Memory cards fail > each of my cameras has TWO! (not every camera does, and not every photographer is careful enough to invest in multiple memory cards if they do…)
Hard drives fail > every photo on my computer is backed up on TWO different hard drives.
House fires happen > every photo on my computer is backed up on an online server.
Cameras break/malfunction > I carry two camera bodies to every wedding.
Luggage is lost > I keep my memory cards on my person when I travel.

Here are my thoughts:

Your wedding is a Once in A Lifetime event. Your wedding starts a completely new chapter in your life. There’s not a thing in this world that would be worth my wedding memories.

Not to mention, Marriage Is HARD at times. Make a decision to walk into your marriage with SOLID, happy, beautifully captured memories from your wedding day so that your home is full of the blessings and Joy that your nuptials brought.

Every couple deserves (I would argue *needs*) beautiful reminders on their walls of how in love they were on their wedding day.

A Third of Brides Regret their Wedding Day Photography

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