An Engagement Session at The Avalon in Alpharetta

October 26, 2019


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An Engagement Session at The Avalon in Alpharetta

An Engagement Session at The Avalon in Alpharetta

Well if THIS wasn’t the session of all sessions!! Katie and Scott are the SWEETEST. These two met way back in 2008 at a kids’ summer camp. They hit it off immediately as friends, and stayed in touch for the years to come. Life got busy though, and as they made their way through their own studies in their own colleges with their own friends, they lost touch for a little while. However— Scott couldn’t seem to keep his mind off Katie (and I’m pretty certain she missed his jokes). In 2010, they started talking more and more, and it wasn’t long before they officially started dating.

The rest, they say, is history.

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Do you see his clever eyes?? (Their proposal story is THE SWEETEST!!!) In December of last year, Katie and Scott went on a trip to Tennessee with 10 of their closest friends. No one (Well, okay… He did tell one person in the group) knew what he had up his sleeve, especially Katie. I mean, after dating for EIGHT years, you’d kind of stop wondering ‘when it was going to happen’… Right?!

Enjoying the Tennessee trip with their friends, drinks in hand, Katie felt a little ‘off’… It was like her friends were watching her. Like, standing back… Kind of watching her. Without giving her a chance to even shrug off the feeling, someone in the group held up their drink and made a toast ‘to the weekend’. Everyone had their phones out videoing, which she thought was kind of off, and before she knew it- she turned around- and Scott was on one knee WITH A RING!

An Engagement Session at The Avalon in Alpharetta

She was SUPER surprised– totally off guard. Everyone exploded in cheers and laughter.

As Katie, Scott, and I made our way through the Avalon Alpharetta (fun fact: we totally had coffee with Young Jeezy), we eventually headed downtown for some fun city shots. We got a little turned around as the sunlight dipped quickly behind the tree line. (It gets dark so quickly now!!) Dark as it may have been, Katie spotted these cool hanging orbs in the trees, and it wasn’t too long before I had an idea.

Dear Katie and Scott: Thank you SO much for choosing me as your wedding photographer. I am SO excited to check out Factory Atlanta, and celebrate alongside your friends and family at your wedding!




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