Arabia Mountain Family Photography

November 10, 2018




Arabia Mountain Photographer

In full disclosure, I just started blogging (never thought I’d even type those words) on this new platform. I feel so out of date because I have no idea where the controls are or how to accomplish a decent blog post on this new system. But you’re still reading, and that’s the goal. So we’ll see!

You’d never know it but Emily, the sweet little girl under the blanket, is a fighter. She was born prematurely to Nicole, to the right in the orange sweater, who was home without her husband Austin (the one who refused to take his hat off for pictures) because he was serving our country. (Austin– thank you for your service. You deserve to leave your hat on.) The family held hands tightly and fought through it hard. In fact, the family helped Austin surprise Nicole by showing up unannounced in the NICU… Watch the video, you’ll cry.
Anyway… Emily thrived, clearly, and now she is a precious and oh-so-happy little girl to two absolutely awesome parents. The family wanted pictures this year.


I’d never been to Arabia Mountain before, but it’s a pretty cool place. We were really looking forward to shooting at sunset down by the barn, but it was unfortunately under construction. (It’s finished now, so yay!) The park is fairly big. You have to drive from the barn to the mountain because they’re in two different locations. However, it’s totally worth it. Now that the barn is finished, I’d like to go back and shoot.

Winter time means for a super cold shoot under a quickly setting sun. We drove straight to the mountain and grabbed a bunch of quick shots on our way up.

(I wish I knew how to put these two photo side-by-side… It’s crazy something so simple isn’t a standard function! There’s always something to learn!)

Aren’t they adorable?! Austin, Nicole, and Emily… Holy moly you make a fantastic family. Oh! Side note worth mentioning– Nicole is a massage therapist over at Bodywork By Nicole. I hear she’s incredible– I just made an appointment with her myself, and cannot wait!!

Y’all… It was cold, by the way, but this little miss was happily bribed with candy. Look at her smile!!


We also took a few shots of the couples, which is always my favorite. I can’t wait to take a newly engaged couple to Arabia Mountain this year! (Again– I apologize for the stacked images…)

And two last favorites from the top of the mountain… The golden glow from the sunset was perfect. (Oh how I miss summer)


Thanks for choosing me as your photographer!! Can’t wait to see you all again. 🙂



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