Baby’s First Cake Smash at Prospect Farms

July 13, 2020




Atlanta Wedding Photographer – Baby’s First Cake Smash at Prospect Farms

I know you know the story of me, back in 2017, nursing my baby and pumping at the same time… Bawling my eyes out, thinking of leaving him in someone else’s arms in exchange for spending 180 days of his first year away from him… In my classroom (Which my sub had effectively DESTROYED) while someone else raised him. Pretty sure that was a run-on sentence. Sorry.

Baby’s First Cake Smash at Prospect Farms

Anyway. So I quit my job. My principal cried, hugged me, and congratulated me… It was all great and happy and gratifying and stuff, but it was also TERRIFYING.
I immediately needed to make up my salary. On my own. And stay home with my kids. 😳
My mother-in-law (retired APS principal) thought I’d lost my mind. I disagreed with her publicly, but every night my head hit the pillow I could only repeat every worry she expressed.

But some moms are just meant to stay home. Some babies just NEED their mommies at home. (Some don’t!)
Mine did. And I did.
And so… With everything on the line, I picked up my camera, put it on manual, and started really trying hard to learn what it all meant.

And I suuuuckkkkeddddddd. So I kept trying. And I sucked some more. And honestly, sometimes I still, uh… Well… Get images I’m less than proud of. But I invest in education, continue to push myself, and press forward.

Atlanta Wedding Photographer – Baby’s First Cake Smash at Prospect Farms

The ONLY reason I’m still here is because of the INCREDIBLE outpouring of support people offered when I first started. Back in 2017/2018…

If you missed it, that’s when I met Terrell. (This guy.)

My son and I were eating at Five Guys one evening, and overheard him chatting with his group of friends about being pepper sprayed. Kellen (my son) has wanted to be a cop since he was 3 years old, and so we listened in on their conversation for EVER. Eventually we connected (likely super awkwardly because I probably said something stupid to see if they’d let Kellen interview them a little) and I gave him one of my cards.

I used to pass out my cards a lot, but people rarely contacted me.

Baby’s First Cake Smash at Prospect Farms

Thank goodness Terrell did. I’m not only utterly obsessed with his family, but I’m so grateful for their early support of my business. They were one of my first clients… Maybe even my second strangers ever to have a full session with me?? I’d have to go back and look…

My first session with them was when Angie was pregnant with Rylie. And a few weeks after that, I got to see them again when Rylie was born.

And now, their ‘last session’ in my Baby’s First Year package (which is now only available to my previous clients and wedding couples!) is this EPIC session at Prospect Farms in Lawrenceville.

I need this to NOT be our last session together because I just have to watch this family evolve and Rylie grow up. (insert allllll the tears!) I love them too much to let them go!

Baby’s First Cake Smash at Prospect Farms

Without further ado: Meet Rylie. She’s turning one soon, and she’s perfect.

I think this was the longest sneak peek ever… Sorry for the overload! I guess I’m in love.

Until next time,

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