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Baby’s First Year… and before

Being Oliver’s Baby’s First Year Photographer has been an honor, and an incredible experience that I am so excited to share with you.

Way back in May, 2017, about the time I was fed up with teaching and dreaming of becoming a full time photographer, Ashley and Alex got engaged.

Ashley and I met at school. We taught across the hall from each other in a school whose 4th grade team of teachers (every year) COMPLETELY flipped. She and I, along with our good friend Lauren, were thick as thieves. We supported each other, lied for each other, and fed each other a whole lot of complaints along with a whole lot of support. I wouldn’t have survived my job if it weren’t for Ashley (and Lauren).

Anyway… I digress.

I was SO excited when Ashley asked me to do their engagement session… If I’m not mistaken, this was my very first couples’ session. This was when I was in full dreamer mode… 🙂 A whole lotta lust with not a whole lotta skill. But thank goodness, it seems like Ashley is magic, because no matter the circumstances- every time I show up with my camera, her session is flawless. 

Roswell Engagement Photographer | Garrard Landing Park

And then magic happened…

Ashley and Alex got married at Chateau Elan in March of 2018. It was there that I met Glen and Becky from Pixel This Photography… I’m a little embarrassed to say that I followed them around like a little puppy dog all evening, leaving my poor husband alone at the dinner table for most of the reception.

I’m not sure what her wedding photographers thought of me… All I know is I was completely star struck. Fully and wholly obsessed with what they were doing, and how much fun they were having while they did it. I remember watching Glen’s flash wobble and sway around up on top of his light stand, and envying how he didn’t have a care in the world. He looked so comfortable. Confident. And Becky (his absolutely stunning wife) just laughed and directed all night long.

I wanted their life. I felt like a middle schooler because I wanted to beg them to be my friend. 🙂

I’m convinced it was god’s plan

Since Ashley and Alex’s wedding, Glen and Becky and I have become really great friends. I’ve shot three weddings with them, and have learned SO much.

The coolest part?? As I started my business and fueled my passion as a full-time wedding photographer, Ashley and Alex’s family has grown, and they’ve honored me with the opportunity to document it along the way.

Baby’s First Year Photographer

Back at Garrard Landing in Roswell, we did Ashley’s maternity session and it was a DREAM. Bless her heart– although she was super stressed (being a teacher is HARD!!!), she put her worries and stresses aside to spend time with her precious unborn baby and her super goofy husband. What a Joy it is to work with these two. I’m so honored to call them my friends.

Welcome to our side of the world, Ollie

Welcome, Oliver.  |  January 23, 2019. 7:33 PM, 21 inches long.

Baby’s First Year

It really seemed like Ollie’s Cake Smash would be FOREVER away when Ashley booked her “Baby’s First Year” package… I’m astonished we’ve already done his maternity session, newborn session, and just finished his Cake Smash. Time is an interesting thing. I feel like my life has changed so much during this last year, and it’s surreal to see how much Ashley and Alex’s life has changed too. As we all ever- evolve, I am so thankful for the moments in time I’m freezing with my camera. I’m so humbled to be apart of people’s journeys, and so blessed for them to be behind me… supporting mine.

Happy birthday, Ollie.


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