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February 17, 2019




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I was pretty excited when Zontriná contacted me about headshots for her daughter, Courtlyn. I’ve dabbled in headshots before, but being mainly a wedding photographer, I knew I needed to research. I. Learned. SO. Much!

  1. Atlanta is prime right now for models of all shapes and sizes.
  2. (Which means excellent photographers and videographers are simply going to be priceless)
  3. I’m ready.

Depending on what you’re looking to get into (or put your kids into) casting agents are looking for natural shots, especially when kids are involved. Gone are the days of forcing your kids into clothes they’re obviously uncomfortable in and settings they’re sure to despise.

Casting agents want personality. They want kids to be happy, and in their element in front of the camera.

Y’all… If you haven’t seen Courtlyn yet, you’re sure to soon.

Little girl headshot in park

From the second she stood in front of my camera, to the end of the session, she seemed to be a pro. Mom says this is her first time… Blows my mind!!

Little girl headshot in park

She’s 3 years old, y’all!

Little girl headshot in park

Courtlyn is in swimming and she boxes. She’s also super into Kindergarten right now, and especially loves math. She’s brilliant!


After playing in the field some and then exploring on the bridge, I set up my studio lighting equipment while Courtlyn changed her clothes.

Little girl headshot in park

I think she’s smitten with her daddy… She really enjoyed making him laugh.

Little girl headshot in park


You’ve got to be changed forever after seeing these. Doesn’t she melt your heart?!



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