Can we talk about photography style?

July 5, 2019


Wedding Photographers in Atlanta


Wedding Photographer in Atlanta


Let’s talk Photography Style


Cameras today- the cell phones and professional gear alike, have come a long way! And what’s changing the game of digital photography is photographers (from the pros to the momtographers) can SEE what their image looks like instantly– right after (and in some cases) before they take the picture.

Pretty neat.

Surely you’ve noticed photography has evolved. Styles have truly surfaced, offering consumers tons of choices when it comes to capturing their memories.

Two styles are kind of mainstream right now: ‘dark and moody‘ & ‘light and airy‘. The variations within, and outside, these styles are endless.

Is photography style important?

What’s really important is that the photographer you choose knows how to get good pictures. In focus with a clear subject and good lighting.

Some photographers focus a LOT on what ‘style’ they’re shooting, and not a whole lot on getting good lighting and crisp, sharp images.

My photography style isn’t dark and moody OR light and airy…

My photography has a ‘true to life’ style. I think the light and airy & dark and moody images, when done well, are beautiful. And sometimes I play around in both of those styles, but I shoot true to life.

I believe in timeless images. I know styles come and go, so when someone is hiring me to capture their memories, it’s important to me that their photos ALWAYS look beautiful. No matter the decade.

Educate me! How do I know a photographer is really skilled, and can produce nice images for me?

Look at their portfolio!

Pay attention to the subjects’ eyes in the photos. Eyes can be super tricky! They’re small, and they’re recessed a little, which puts them in the shadows. You know what I mean?

Noses?? Super easy to expose well. They’re right in the center of the face AND they stick out. Eyes?? A little more difficult.

When you’re shopping for a photographer, try to find someone who exposes peoples’ eyes well. Of course not EVERY photo will have eye perfectly exposed because it’s tricky to do, but it’s important.

So I leave you with one last piece of advice…


When you’re shopping for photography services, do you research and find someone whose images are crisp, clear, and exposed well. That can be accomplished within every style.




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