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Catholic Wedding – Hannah & Adam

Catholic Wedding Photographer near Atlanta

July 3, 2021 | Atlanta Based Wedding Photographer

Look, I’m sorry about all the hustle and bustle around Hannah and Adam’s wedding but I am EXCITED!!! I first met these two at Briana and Jarod’s wedding at Cathedral of Christ the King in Atlanta. Hannah and Adam danced the night away at that place, and the moment she caught the bouquet I started dreaming about her wedding.

Dumb, right?! I’m kind of in love with my people, though.

Not too long after Briana’s wedding, I was invited to Briana’s parents’ house for their first family photos. Their newborn, Bennett, is the CUTEST, and WHO did I get to hang out with again— Hannah! Best of all, they invited me to stay for dinner! We FaceTimed Tree (whose wedding was coming up), chatted Inneagrams, and pigged out on Chinese Food for hours. It was AWESOME. Legit, these folks feel like family.

Catholic Wedding Photographer near Atlanta


Shortly after our Chinese food fest, I was blessed with the incredible opportunity to shoot Briana’s and Hannah’s friend Natalie at her Wedding here in Georgia. It was a BLAST!!! (Fun fact: Natalie and Nick also just had their first baby!)

There’s more!! After Natalie and Nick’s wedding, Hannah’s friend Teresa had an AMAZING wedding in Pennsylvania and I got to photograph the whole thing!!! Guess who was there? Obviously Hannah! And, of course, She and Adam danced the night away 😂

And don’t forget when Bennett was born, and we went to Briana’s parents’ house for his newborn photos!! (wait until you see how much Bennett has grown!! He’s down towards the bottom of this page, dancing at the reception!! Can’t miss him; I promise!)

FINALLYYYYY — in December of 2020, Adam asked for Hannah’s hand in marriage. I don’t know if I’m speaking for myself or for everyone who knows them, but I was FULL of competing emotions. Like, a mixture of ‘Oh my gosh FINALLY!!!’ & ‘Whoa! Adam SERIOUSLY just asked Hannah to MARRY him! I’m entirely in shock.’

It was one of those things that I fully expected to happen, but at the same time COMPLETELY surprised me.

Hannah and Adam’s Engagement Session

Seeing these two at their engagement session was surreal. And cold. And a complete BLAST.

Ya’ll, though forreal. It was FREEZING. I don’t know, like 20 degrees or something? And for all you northerners out there reading thing, you might think 20 degrees is nothing but let me tell you something. Hannah and Adam are also up there in Michigan with y’all and THEY were FREEZING. Shaking and shivering and literally singing worship songs to keep their mind off the frigid temps. I don’t know what it is about the cold around here, but it’s different than up north! (maybe I’m crazy)

Anyway. They rocked their session, despite the cold temps, and we were counting down the days until their wedding.

Hannah and Adam’s Wedding

On Friday, Kellen (my son) and I flew into Michigan and were blessed with the amazing experience of being fully immersed and welcomed into Hannah’s super sweet family. Usually we stay at a hotel, but this time, (since we’re so close to these folks!) we stayed with Hannah’s family. They so graciously invited me to their rehearsal dinner (as a GUEST!), and I got the opportunity to meet some of Adam’s family and more of their amazing friends. (pics of our ventures down at the very bottom of this page!)

Catholic Wedding Photographer near Atlanta

Although we had a super tight timeline (an entire Catholic wedding captured in 7 hours of coverage, and three different locations- YIKES!) the whole day felt smooth and… Just perfect.

Their ceremony was full of worship, their portraits afterwards were fast-paced, rushed, and FUN, and their reception was EPIC.
Everything was just perfect.

Hannah and Adam have been on such a long journey together. I love how soft his expression is when he looks at her; you can truly see how intently he loves and adores her. Watching Adam through the years as he made the decision to officially become the leader of their family, take Hannah’s hand in marriage, and walk down the aisle has been inspirational and moving. He is so thoughtful of every single decision he makes, and I admire him for it. And I admire Hannah for her unyielding and patient love.

Enjoy their sneak peek. 🙂

Catholic Wedding Photographer near Atlanta

(Look at Bennett!!)

Just for fun…

Since my 13 year old, Kellen, traveled with me on these trips (he loves Hannah and Adam, Teresa and Jon, and Briana and Jarod!!) I figured I could include our travel ventures. 🙂

Teresa and Jon’s wedding, November, 2020

Hannah and Adam’s wedding, July, 2021

(Flight into Detroit, then breakfast before the wedding!)

(Rehearsal dinner on left, portraits after the ceremony on right!)

(Flight home back to Atlanta! Does anyone else *need* a window seat like I need one?!)

Congratulations to Briana & Jarod, Tree & Jon, and Hannah & Adam. You three couples have the most beautiful lives ahead of you, and I am *so* excited to follow along.


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