Crispin + Brandon | WOW!

March 24, 2019


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Oh my goodness! Crispin and Brandon’s engagement session was today, and WOW did they rock it!! I’ve shot a few times at Vines Park in Loganville, but I haven’t yet done an engagement session at Vines Park. I must say, it didn’t disappoint. We were dodging some other photographers throughout the evening, but us photographers try to all be courteous of each other… The professionals, anyway. 🙂

Loganville Engagement Couple

Their precious two kiddos also tagged along. I was nervous at first, but immediately relaxed. We were all laughing– all night long. I think the best part was when Cullen hid in my changing tent and popped out to scare all the lucky passerby. (LOL!)

Loganville Engagement Couple's child

Not only were all the gorgeous dogwoods in bloom, but they also magically dropped petals for us every time Crispin and Brandon struck a pose. (wink)

Loganville Engagement Couple Loganville Engagement Couple Loganville Engagement Couple

Loganville Engagement Couple Loganville Engagement Couple Loganville Engagement Couple Loganville Engagement Couple and family Loganville Engagement Couple Loganville Engagement Couple


As the sky grew dark, I really wanted to try something with my flashes but I wasn’t sure what. And, if I’m being completely honest, I’m still learning how to creatively use my flash gear. It’s all pretty new to me, so when an idea came, I was nervous it wouldn’t work out.

Loganville Engagement Couple

I love when I’m wrong. 🙂

Crispin and Brandon… I could not be more excited about your wedding than I am right now. I cannot wait to see you two (four!) again! Thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer, and thank you for letting me have fun with you!! Please give the kids a hug from me, and thank them for being so good. (Seriously!!)





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