Downtown Dahlonega Engagement Session

December 16, 2019


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I just had the most fun with Bridget and Matt at our Downtown Dahlonega Engagement Session! I’m not gonna lie, right before engagement sessions I always get super nervous! Like even more nervous than before weddings. This is the time when I feel like I’m on an interview!

My couples are meeting me for the first time and they’re deciding if they like me or not. Meanwhile, I am trying to hide my nerves and not sound like a crazy person by trying to make conversation with people that I kind of hardly know.

As usual, we met for coffee before our engagement session, and as soon as Matt and Bridget sat down, we dove into conversation. Before I knew it, close to an hour had passed!! They have such interesting lives!

Both of them lead a life of service, which I think is totally awesome. (Also, side note: I feel like almost all of my brides this year are nurses!! NOT even kidding!)

When Bridget was a child, she was diagnosed with leukemia and spent a lot of time at Egleston. She had such a great experience there that it inspired her to become a nurse, and now she’s working in the exact ward where she spend time as a child. (amazing, right?!) I just think that’s so cool. I think it’s even cooler that this came up during our engagement session!!

Matt is not only in the military, but is getting his pilot’s license! I don’t know about you, but I have always wanted to sit in the cockpit of an airplane. Like that’s EXACTLY what I want to do. Bucket list date with my husband: sitting in the cockpit of an airplane, flying over the mountains at sunset or something else super cheesy.

Anyway Matt grew up around airplanes because his dad is an airplane mechanic, which reminds me so much of my husband. (My husband‘s uncle was an aircraft mechanic, and it’s my husband’s dream job (so I think)… Too bad he despises college!)

Engagement Session in Downtown Dahlonega

Anyway, halfway through our conversation at the coffee house, I mentioned how insanely packed the Square was. Turns out: Matt mentioned it was graduation day at UNG!! (I had no idea!) Matt and Bridget didn’t bat an eye. They were game for anything, which made it so much fun.

Downtown Dahlonega Engagement Session

As we dodged all the people walking around us, we couldn’t stop laughing and having fun together. We wound up spending a lot of our time on the side streets since the square was so crowded, but at the end we found a super cool chapel, and the light was perfect! I wish we would’ve found it sooner!!

Bridget’s email after our session literally brought tears to my eyes. She is SO sweet:
“We just want to thank you for such an amazing and uber fun shoot with you on Saturday! We were both excited for our pictures for our wedding but now we are extremely excited! …your passion is incredible and I love how you pour into your couples!”

(Insert bawling emoji here!)
Matt and Bridget- Thank YOU!!!! Y’all are incredible. I cannot wait to get some close up photos of your eyes and gorgeous bouquet on your wedding day!!!
I hope you enjoy the sneak peek of your downtown Dahlonega engagement session! 🙂



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