Dave + Kelley | Harris Shoals Park, Watkinsville Engagement

May 30, 2019


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Dave and Kelley are engaged, and they’re adventurous! Just wait until you see what these two did at the end of their session. Eeeeek!

I met Dave back when I was about 13 or so. I had absoultely no idea that one day I would be photographing his engagement session and upcoming wedding! (Literally cannot get over how cool that is… Maybe it’s just me.)

Perhaps a weird way to start this blog, but way to go Harris Shoals Park! I love your sign.
I’m kind of obsessed with bees (you should click that…). I’ve taken up a fascination with them since Cheerio’s “Save the Bees” campaign. After a ton of research, I’ve learned a ton of the species are in sharp decline, with a lot of them being placed on the endangered species list. A whole earth full of creatures depends on bees for their survival because their food sources (nuts, berries, seeds, fruits) depend on them. Fun fact: One colony of bees can pollinate 250 million flowers a day. Bees are incredibly important. I’m thinking about keeping some myself in the coming years! Let me know if you’d like to join me.

Back to Dave and Kelley!!

After scouting the park a little bit, we found a gem in the back. Kelley, the brave soul she is, hiked down into the creek so I could get the fall behind them. I’m in love with the color of the falling water behind them.

Poor Dave– y’all it was a million degrees outside (approaching 100, but if you know Georgia you know the humidity makes it feel a gazillion times hotter.) He was in a long sleeve shirt… FLANNEL, mind you, toughing out the hot and humid air. At one point they were both drenched. (As was I)

After exploring the fall we headed back to the river rocks, changed outfits, and these two played in the rapids. The very welcoming water cooled them off, and It Was. AWESOME.

Dave made a joke that he was going to sit on his butt and slide all the way down the rocks… I kind of wanted him to for all the obvious reasons, but instead they decided to sit together… (insert heart -eyed emojis here!)

The water felt incredible, and yeah… These two are amazing.


Thank you so much for referring these two to me Davey! I seriously cannot wait for their wedding– especially after hearing more about their plans!

Thanks for letting me talk y’all into the water, Dave and Kelley. Hope the ride home wasn’t too wet!! 🙂





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