Erin + Jordan Marietta Engagement

March 14, 2019


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March 14, 2019

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Marietta Engagement Photographer
Marietta Wedding Photographer

When my cousin sent Erin to me, I was stoked. Erin is the absolute sweetest, and her fiancé Jordan is a riot. (Not to mention they’re getting married at one of the most beautiful places EVER!) A 200 people guest list, super awesome wedding party– the whole nine yards.
Ready for this? They had 3 MONTHS to plan. Yes, for the whole wedding. (3 months!)

I was super glad to have room to fit them into my calendar so quickly. I wasn’t quite sure where we would shoot, so when Erin suggested Marietta Square I thought it’d be perfect to try out! If I’m being totally honest, I feel like I do my best work in a natural setting— think field with tall, long grass blowing in the breeze- against a golden sunset beyond the rolling hills. (Yeah, this hardly exists in Georgia, but it’s what I love)
I was kind of nervous at first, but when the two of them walked up, I instantly knew we’d be just fine.


We were cut short on time, so this shoot was speedy– and they ROCKED it! They followed right along, and put up with all my crazy ideas. In fact, Jordan’s favorite color is purple, so we had a little fun with the fountain. (Don’t miss that shot at the bottom of this page!)

We started in the center of the square, soaking up the sun while it slowly set behind the clouds.


Look at him!! He just adores her!!!

After some time in the square, we headed to a really cool teal colored wall I’d spotted earlier. I’m pretty sure the others walking around us judged me hard while I stood in the street, cheering these two on! (I couldn’t help it! They’re just amazing!)


Erin mentioned fountains on her engagement session questionnaire, so I knew I needed to incorporate it into our photoshoot. Once Jordan mentioned his favorite color, I got an idea.



Lastly, we headed to the Earl and Rachel Smith Strand Theater to play with the lights. I was so excited they were up for me experimenting with my craft.

Thanks for being awesome, Erin and Jordan! I simply cannot wait for your wedding next month!!




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