Helton Creek Falls Maternity Photographer | Anna’s Maternity Session

July 20, 2019




North GA Mountains Blairsville Maternity Photographer

Helton Creek Falls Maternity Photographer

We ventured up into the North Georgia Mountains to Helton Creek Falls in Blairsville | Maternity Photographer


Anna’s Maternity Photoshoot in the North Georgia Mountains

I think this image is one of my favorites ever.

Anna reached out to her friends, asking for a maternity photographer who could do her photoshoot in the North Georgia Mountains. (Jazz recommended me– thank you SO MUCH, girl!!) At first, Anna suggested Minnehaha Falls (a place I still want to try!!), but we did a lot of research and ultimately decided Helton Creek Falls would be the easiest hike! (And the view… Wait until you see these waterfalls!)

So I think this is one of my favorite photos ever (above) because it represents Anna, and her family. The story is personal, but I really can just FEEL the love when I see this photo. Her family loves her so much, and is so excited about her baby boy.

As it turns out, figuring out where to park at Helton Creek Falls is so obvious that it actually confused me. Especially since I came across a Yelp reviewer who said we’d be driving through rivers and stuff before we’d reach the falls.

After turning onto the side road, it was dark mind you, and following a dirt road full of potholes, I finally reached what appeared to be a parking lot. I kept driving since no one was there (right?? Wouldn’t you? Maybe???) until I finally reached a river. It was little. I have an MDX… So I crossed it!

And it led to nowhere, other than an even bigger river… And I’ve seen those rescue shows. I turned around and went back to the original place I thought might be a parking lot. It was a little lighter now, as the sun was rising… I felt kind of ridiculous having driven past the parking lot and trekked so far back into the wilderness. (LOL)

Anyway… So the hike, as it turns out, WAS super easy!! We literally parked our cars, stepped down some stairs, and stood at the falls in about 5 minutes. Maybe a little more… I was in good company. 🙂

TOTALLY worth my 2-hour drive in, because WOW. I LOVE the view!!! And it’s SO EASY to access!!!! I think we might have found a new favorite spot!!!!!

Anna, thank you so much for inviting me to meet you and your family, and for trusting me with the privilege of being your photographer. And thank you SO MUCH for giving me your dress!! My future mamas will be thanking you!!!

Can’t wait to see you all again some time!




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