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How to Pose for Photos on Your Wedding Day

How to pose for photos on your wedding day that will have you looking and feeling sexy – because everyone deserves gorgeous photos

For the Bride – How to pose for Bridal Portraits

Most ladies have the same goals: Make my arms and stomach look smaller and my butt and boobs… nicer. 🙂

There are a lot of tricks, but the three main points I focus on for ladies are:

  1. Point your toes and waist 45 degrees away from my camera
  2. Turn your shoulders so that they’re facing me
  3. Make sure your shoulders are pulled back so I can see the ‘small’ of your back.

All this makes for a very flattering look – feminine, sexy, and YOU.

For the Groom – How to pose for photos on your wedding day

Grooms are often overlooked, which sucks!! This is every bit his wedding day as it is his bride’s, and he deserves to look manly and sexy in his photos too.

Tips for the guys:

  1. Face the camera
  2. Feet shoulder width apart, toes comfortably pointed outward (not inward)
  3. Do something with the hands (I prefer •adjusting a tie •holding cuff links •in the pockets

The most notable thing here is making the groom’s shoulders appear more broad. There are many tricks to this, but a fool proof way is getting your groom to stand straight, as if there is a string attached to the top of his head – keeping him comfortably upright. He should be relaxed, confident, and straight.
(Psssst. Grooms! Take your phone and keys out of your pockets!! Otherwise your pants will have weird bulges!)

I hope this helps!!!


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