How to Pose with Your Wedding Party On Your Wedding Day

April 29, 2021


Ashton Gardens Wedding Venue


How to pose with your wedding party on your Wedding Day is one of my favorite topics because wedding parties are my JAM!

I LOVE getting to know more about the Bride and Groom through their friends, and playing with their wedding party is always a blast. Seriously, the more people the better (so long as everyone gets along well!)

Here are some of my favorite Wedding Party Posing Tips:

The beginning of the day: Bridesmaids

One of my favorite shots to take in the morning is the bride, right after she gets into her wedding dress, with her girls all around her- admiring her on her wedding day!! What bride doesn’t want this shot?!

To set this up, stand in a clean space in the bridal suite (finding a clean space is the trickiest part of this whole process!) and have your bridesmaids circle around you. They’ll gather, almost uncomfortably close to you and each other, and each bridesmaid will hold onto SOMEthing. (Your dress, each other’s hands, your veil, their own dress, etc.)

The goal is to connect everyone. 🙂
BAM! Easy, simple, and AWESOME.

Once we’re out of the bridal suite, I like to take the girls to a pretty location and have fun with them!

Here are TWO of my Go-To poses for bridal parties:

  1. Stand in the center of your bridesmaids, bouquets in hand, and get SUPER close to each other. (no gaps!)
    • For a fun shot: laugh at each other
    • For a dramatic shot: Look straight at the camera, vogue style. 🙂
  2. Stand in the center of your bridesmaids and face the camera – prepared to walk.
    • Bride and bridesmaids: one hand can be holding the bouquet and your other hand can be holding your gown.
    • Cross your ankles, one in front of the other, and walk toward the camera – laughing!

The beginning of the day: Groomsmen

Groomsmen are FUN! And one of my favorite things to do with them is let them show their personality.

If drinks are apart of their morning, I like to get them out and have them toast!! This shot is easy to set up

  1. Have your guys all face each other, in a circle, with drinks in hand.
    • Be prepared to have your photographer laying on the floor between y’all
    • Tell stories to get the laughs going, lean forward a little so the camera on the floor can see your faces, and cheers!

Once we get outside, there are two shots of the guys I love to get:

  1. Top black and white photo- Groom: stand about two steps in front of your guys, with your guys behind you in a “V” formation and everyone facing the camera
    • Groom: hands on lapels, groomsmen: outside hand on lapel
    • For variations, I like to have the guys doing a serious look while I get a close up shot of the groom’s face in focus and the others’ blurred.
  2. Middle photo- same as the girls, but manlier! The groom stands in the center of his group of guys, and everyone walks toward the camera.
    • Secret hint: To keep the guys looking tall, handsome, and confident: have them all take a deep breath in before they start walking. This will rise their chests and lift their chins. Love it!
  3. Bonus photos: Fun stuff
    1. Most guys have crazy things they want to do with their groomsmen. Sometimes it’s a ganster pose, other times they’re nut checking each other. Guys are a blast, and nothing is off limits. After all, it’s his Once-in-a-Lifetime day too.

Have fun with it.



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