Kamryn is ONE! | Lilburn Family Photography

May 6, 2019




Lilburn Family Photography Session

What do you think of my nieces?! They’re adorable, right?? Lilly is the sweetest with Kamryn– lots of kisses and snuggles to share with her throughout our session together. After having rescheduled our original plans, due to weather, to meet at Lenora Park on Saturday– we decided Sunday evening would be best. I secured a babysitter for my own sweet toddler, who suddenly decided to spike a fever. (noooo!) So we just moved the session to my house in Lilburn, and I offered them a sweet discount for being such good sports. Thank goodness my neighbors have beautiful yards!! (Thanks Rhonda!!) I think it worked out beautifully.

Lilburn Family Photography Session

I’m not sure if it could possibly get any cuter than this family. Dylan has an amazing story to share too– having grown up overweight nearly all of his childhood (and unfortunately being made fun of because of it… By the last person you’d expect to make fun of a child… Long story) he slammed his motivation into gear and got into the best shape of his life. He’s now working on the Walking Dead, bench pressing like a zillion pounds, and running marathons. Katie has stood by him through it all. Their love for each other is really cool. I’m so proud to say they’re my family!!

Lilburn Family Photography Session

After we took some family photos in Rhonda’s pretty yard, we headed back to my place for a cake smash! Fun fact– I was lucky enough to do Lilly’s newborn (She’s the one with the blue tutu) AND cake smash photos some years ago. How cool is it now to be doing a cake smash with Kamryn?!

She didn’t disappoint. Look at her outfit! And those eyeeesssssss

Lilburn Family Photography Session Lilburn Family Photography Session

After the cake smash, I snuck a couple portraits of Dylan and Katie before they headed home.

Lilburn Family Photography Session

Thank you for trekking all the way to my house, you guys!! I love you both bunches. Can’t wait for our next venture together!





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