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Kat + Evan | Engagement Session at Ponce City Market

Atlanta Engagement Session at Ponce City Market

Kat and Evan are engaged!! This city-loving couple experienced quite a bit of ups and downs when it came to planning their engagement session. Remember back in April how the weather was A-MAZING?? We had a beautiful spring– flowers were colorful, trees were blooming— Y-E-S.

And, like Georgia does every year, a sudden twist of events. A cold spell with a ton of storms. Yup! Passing through right on their engagement session date. Neither of us said a word about it until the day of (because I think we were both hoping it would warm back up!), but it was undeniably cold (and do you see her beautiful summer dress?? Brr!)

Atlanta Engagement Session at Ponce City Market

No big deal, right? Rescheduling a photo shoot… Well… It’s tough! Kat and Evan both own their own business, (a printing shop & a doggy daycare!) which means every bit of every responsibility falls on them. Schedules become tricky! Not to mention– I’m trying to personally commit to balancing my own family life and work life because business is taking off. Scheduling is like a delicate dance. Thank *good*ness these two are easy going.

As their Saturday engagement session date approaches, guess what else does too! Thunderstorms!! (LOL!) Nearly a 100% chance all day Friday and Saturday.

Surprise!! These two bravely decided to push through. The weather was perfect the whole shoot, and literally as soon as we both got in our cars, the sky opened up and it poured. It was AWESOME.

Anyway… Without further delay…

Atlanta Engagement Session at Ponce City Market

We started up at Dancing Goats Coffee Bar, but couldn’t snag the cool swings they have up there because they were packed. We nonetheless danced down the hallway ¬†on our way to Ponce City Market.

Atlanta Engagement Session at Ponce City Market

If you know anything about me, you know I like to challenge myself. You probably know I’m at my sweetest place in a field of flowers and a nice (or even dramatic) sunset. City shoots really stretch my skill. Composure becomes as important as light, and if I’m being candid- composure is an area I’m working on improving. Thankfully these two are super gorgeous, so every moment they’re in front of my camera, it just works.

Atlanta Engagement Session at Ponce City Market Atlanta Engagement Session at Ponce City Market

After walking around Ponce City Market for a while, we decided to head down to the Beltline. We found a nice little secret garden along the way, and I just HAD to get these two in the bushes.

Atlanta Engagement Session at Ponce City Market

I really love how you can see the whirl of the stone walkways behind Kat in the bottom right photo.

Atlanta Engagement Session at Ponce City Market

Look at how he smiles at her!! She is the sweetest thing ever, and he just eats her up. I’m pretty sure he loves every bit of every thing about her. You can see it in his eyes!!

Atlanta Engagement Session at Ponce City Market

We almost hiked down to a gorgeous mural, but we kind of lost ourselves along the way and just enjoyed the moments in front of us. (They’re a fun duo to spend the evening with.)

Atlanta Engagement Session at Ponce City Market

I’m so excited for your wedding in August at Variety Works in Madison. You two chose a stunning venue… Thank you so much for choosing me as your photographer.


With Love,

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  1. Mary Ann Graves says:

    These two are adorable!! Love the settings and your work is amazing!!

  2. Maria says:

    Love that they were laughing. Great connection

  3. April says:

    Love these! They look so happy!

  4. Alison says:

    LOVE THESE! Such great photos with so much variation!

  5. Jessica Lane says:

    Gorgeous photos! What a fun session! You captured them beautifully.

  6. Mandy says:

    What a fun session. You captured their joy and fun personalities perfectly. Beautiful Images

  7. Alecs says:

    I love that you did the session at a city market! That is such a fun idea!

    • Showit User says:

      Totally their idea!! A lot of photographers shoot at Ponce City Market here in Atlanta. I always find it challenging, but it’s definitely fun– and provides great variety!

  8. Alissa Moore says:

    Love that last photo in front of the mural! Gorgeous

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