Keyra and Matt- Tribble Mill Park Engagement Session | Feb 1, 2020

February 2, 2020


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It’s official! This Lawrenceville engagement session at Tribble Mill Park kicks off what we love geeks call Wedding Season!!! I say that because my first two weddings of the year are both just weeks away, and once those weddings start they just don’t stop. It seems to be starting earlier and earlier, and I’m okay with that 1000%!

This week has been an extraordinary one for me, both personally and professionally and so I was super excited to end the week with my cousin, Keyra and her gorgeous fiancé Matt.

Do you remember them?? 🙂 When I look back on those pictures from just 7 months ago, I see a world of a difference in my work and I wonder if I’m the only one who notices it.

Lawrenceville Engagement Photographer

You wouldn’t know it by looking at him, but Matt is a teacher and Keyra is a mom. And YES! That’s exactly how they met. Parent teacher conferences are SO much more fun when you can flirt with the teacher. 😉

What’s really neat is Matt coaches football where he teaches and Keyra’s son is a star player. So it only makes sense these two should get married, right?! I see their situation and I instantly recognize God’s plan at work.

Tribble Mill Park Engagement

I really don’t like stiff poses and fake emotion in pictures, and so I really love when I pose a couple and one of them sneaks in a gut punch during the shot.

It usually takes about 20 minutes for everyone to warm up to the camera, but sometimes it happens right away and I feel like Keyra was one of those people who just instantly relaxed!

A while ago I shot a family session at Tribble Mill Park, but I don’t think I realized how GORGEOUS the place actually is. In other words: this might be my new favorite place for engagement sessions!!

I mean, does it get any more perfect?!?!!

Later, on the way back from the river we found this teeny little patch of long grass with the sun setting perfectly in the background. Ahhh. Heaven.

Thanks for trusting me during your session, Matt and Keyra!! I’m SUPER pumped for your wedding and I cannot believe it’s just a little over 4 weeks away!!!!

Love you guys.



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