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January 20, 2019


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I have been working for about a year on a magazine. (Here’s a preview)

I’m pretty excited about it! I’m also putting it online, so every single client (not just wedding clients) who books with me has access… And it’s SLAMMED full of helpful information.
Anyway, I needed more outfit inspiration photos for one of the ‘Preparing for Your Engagement Photos‘ spreads. I’m positive I have the best friends around, because Caren and Isaac were quick to respond and excited to model for me. We had SO. Much. Fun.!


I’d never shot at Lenora Park before, so I went out and scouted the day before the session. It’s gorgeous! I love their barn, I love their lake, and I most certainly love their field.

We started out near the barn… These two cannot be any funnier. Caren began our session with an excellent dance routine, with which Isaac was clearly impressed.

After that we headed down to some interesting looking evergreens, and just couldn’t stop cutting up. They clearly have a good sense of humor because they got ALL my jokes.

 Lenora Park Engagement Photographer Lenora Park Engagement Photographer


It was a bit of a walk down to the lake, but Isaac is a cop and Caren owns her own physical fitness boot camp company called That Heat Fitness sooo…….. I’m way more conscious of physical labor than they are. (I’ll get in shape one day!)

Anyway… They ROCKED the lake, y’all.


Lenora Park Engagement Photographer Lenora Park Engagement Photographer

Finally, we ended the evening down in the field. I got a few briars stuck in my shoes, but we made it out okay. (I recommend closed toe shoes for the field!)

Lenora Park Engagement Photographer


Thank you for modeling for me Isaac and Caren!! You two are amazing, and I hope to photograph your future endeavors. You two mean the world to me.



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