Anna and Jacob Lenora Park Engagement

January 7, 2020


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January 7, 2020

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Lenora Park Engagement Photographer

Oh my gosh. Why are they laughing here? Because it was a winter day and the wind was whipping around like crazy during their Lenora Park Engagement Session!! Anna and I were FREEZING at this moment, and we decided to wrap up their shoot after just 10 minutes of shooting.

Have you noticed?! ‘Out of state‘ couples seems to be a theme in my business… I guess that comes with the territory of being in Atlanta?? I have no idea, but it’s stressful, y’all!! Rescheduling shoots isn’t exactly the easiest thing when couples are traveling from out of state for their session!!! 

Anna and Jacob are going to school in Tennessee right now. They’re super close to graduating (woohoo!!) and they’re both headed in amazing directions. Anna plans to use her degree for social work- perhaps working with youth in the foster care system. Jacob is currently a student pastor. He’s in the process of perfecting his craft so that he can continue to professionally pour into students’ lives.
(Seriously. Wow. I admire these two!!)

Anna was a little worried about her engagement session being in the winter, so I bought a snow machine. (Look. We all know I have a problem. Thank God my husband supports my obsession with my job!)

The cool thing about a snow machine? Duh– it’s AWESOME! The not-so-cool thing about a snow machine?? It needs (a LOT of) power. So my husband and I, in search of outdoor power outlets, took the kids out for some hiking around nearby parks. It seemed like the longer we hiked, the windier it got.

Lenora Park Engagement Session

Once we settled on an outlet near one of the gazebos at Lenora Park, I called Anna to talk about the weather. It’s the middle of January and so we didn’t expect it to be warm, but it was SUPER windy… and the wind made it feel extra cold outside! (By the way– we’re not talking breeze… We got a blast of 20+ mph winds every few seconds. LOL!) These two needed pictures for their Save The Dates, so we pressed forward.

We met at Lenora Park and took a few shots before getting the snow machine out. Jacob had mentioned earlier that he wasn’t super excited about being in front of a camera, but Anna reassured him that he was going to do super well. Also, I noticed almost immediately that as soon as he is near her, he lights up. HUGE smile- ear-to-ear. They’re just so happy together!

Anyway– this was the first time I broke out the snow machine for an actual session. I was nervous about it, but it was really fun!! The wind made it a little extra challenging, but we all really had a blast.

Enjoy. 🙂

Isn’t the snow cool?? I can’t wait for their real engagement session this March, and finally their wedding in August.

I’m super excited to see Anna’s mom and dad again, and look forward to meeting Jacob’s family. Thanks for playing with me in the wind, y’all!! I’ll see you again soon. 🙂



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