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Libby + Fin | Adventurers- Engaged!


I’m not sure if you know anything about the North Georgia Mountains… I mean, I’ve been there. I have family there… But I’ve never shot there. I’ve never really noticed how different the sun is when you’re on top of a mountain— or at the bottom of a mountain… I learned so much!

Technical stuff aside… WOW! Look at these two!

I met Libby back at the beginning of the year when she was searching for a wedding photographer. Y’all, I couldn’t be more stoked when she told me I was the photographer for them!! Libby and Fin are adorable. They’re adventurous, fun, and totally in love. They can hold a kiss longer than anyone I’ve ever met. (Which is great for me! More on that later…)

Fin loves hiking and Libby loves the mountains. (What a combo!) When they told me they wanted to do their engagement session with mountains in the background, it only took about a week to find Preachers Rock.

Since Libby shares my love for coffee, we decided to stop by Dahlonega on our way up for coffee and a quick photoshoot on the square.

We chatted wedding ideas, which actually got my appetite going because the meal they’re planning sounds amazing. (I’m so excited about their wedding!!!!)

We decided we were ready to start our adventure, so we headed to our cars and raced to the mountains! At the bottom of the trail we found some super awesome hikers who photobombed us. (If the hikers ever read this blog, which seems highly unlikely, or if anyone recognizes them– I’d love to know who they are!)

We spotted a teeny little lonesome (cherry blossom?) tree in the parking lot, and decided to grab some shots with it before heading up the trail. Thank goodness we stopped, because wowzers. These two are gorgeous!

While they changed into their next outfits, I snapped some ring shots, and then we headed up!! (Isn’t her ring brilliant?! Fin found it and picked it out himself!)

The hike up was not super easy, y’all. And I’m not going to lie. I’m 30 something years old (I don’t remember) and I don’t exercise. The camera gear I was hiking with weighs a little less than 15 pounds (all together). I almost died three times, but it was amazing. The air smelled incredible. The view was spectacular. The hike was scenic. It was SO worth it, and I want so badly to go back!

We sat for just a minute to take in the view. And it was absolutely stunning.

Libby and Fin played in a delicious patch of gorgeous red-golden sunset, and I obsessed over their every move.

Once the sun set down behind the mountains, we took in more of the scene before hiking down (in the dark).

Libby and Fin, thank you so much for hiking with me up to Preachers Rock. Thank you for having so much fun with me. Thank you for sharing your amazing stories!! I am so excited y’all chose me as your wedding photographer, and STOKED about your wedding. Stay in touch!!



Preachers Rock Engagement Session
Preachers Rock Engagement Photographer
Preachers Rock Photographer
North Georgia Mountains Photographer
North Georgia Mountains Engagement
Dahlonega Engagement Session
Dahlonega Engagement Photographer

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  1. Chelsy says:

    Wow so worth the hike! Beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous shots! Congrats to the couple. (I love those mountain shots!)

  3. Love this epic mountain shots! Great job!! I’d love to shoot a mountain session too. ❤️

  4. Jordyn says:

    They are so cute! ❤ Mountains are the best!

  5. Mandy Provan says:

    What a magnificent view – definitely worth the hike. You’ve captured all their joy so beautifully!! and her ring….WOW!! Stunning!

  6. Linda says:

    Great job on this engagement session.

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