Starr & David | Married! The Hay House in Macon, Georgia

November 5, 2019


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Macon, Georgia Wedding Photographer

I don’t know if it’s possible to be more in love with wedding photos than the bride and groom, but I’m obsessed with this gallery. Starr is beyond stunning, her groom, David, is a sophisticatedly handsome man, and the two of them are a force. (See their engagement session here!)

When I learned Starr and David were having their wedding at The Hay House in Macon, Georgia I was very excited. Distinguished architecture, historic meaning, and symmetrical designs… The Hay House is stunning.

We started the day with the guys at Springhill Suites. When my second photographer, Bartee, and I walked into their room, they were all dressed and ready for pictures!! And although he always shines, David looked exceptionally excited. After some detail shots of his ring (I LOVE the character of his ring!!) and some portraits of him with his guys, we headed to visit the gals.

Not too far from the venue, Macon City Center Marriott was busy. When we pulled up, it was obvious they were having a wedding in their banquet hall. Everyone was hustling and bustling about downstairs as I made my way up to Starr’s room. When I walked in, I was so taken aback by the serene environment that I think I forgot to say hello to her! With 6 bridesmaids and 2 brides men, I expected her room to be busy and loud- messy and full of laughter. It absoultely was not! Starr was sitting so peacefully in a chair, getting her hair and makeup done. Bartee and I quietly made our way (with TWO videographers in this teeny room!) to the back of the room and I eagerly shuffled through her gorgeous Wedding Day ‘details’. (I love shooting details, y’all, but her ring had me swooning!)

Hay House Wedding Photographer

It was around this time I realized I needed to head to the venue. Pulling into the driveway reminded me of how nervous I actually was to be there. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I love natural light. The sun is my jam. Give me all the sunlight!!!! Well, The Hay House is a historic museum. (No white walls reflecting sunlight inside… Not a lot of huge windows… Yeeeek!) I knew I’d need to use flash. And I knew this all along, but it was at this moment, pulling into the driveway, that it hit me in my gut.
Unless you’re a photographer, you might not realize the technical differences between using flash and using natural light. It’s surprisingly intimidating!! And with all the walls and all the pictures, and chandeliers and lamps and decor… Flash gets even trickier to use.

Guess who was nervous, y’all!!!!

As the videographer and I walked around the venue, we came up with a pretty solid plan for bride and groom portraits. Knowing it’d be dark after their ceremony, we anticipated a bit of challenge, but we pushed those worries aside. Game time!!

When Starr arrived with her ladies, we all headed up to the bridal suite to help her into her dress. It was around this time I noticed a heavy feeling. I wasn’t sure what had happened, but there was an obvious pause to the day… And emotions seemed high.
When I walked into Starr’s suite, she was clearly uneasy. And mom was too. After trying to move along our timeline, it was impossible to ignore, and I asked if she was okay.
She opened up to me, and I knew we needed to pause the timeline.

Macon, Georgia Wedding Photographer

After solving as much as we could have of the issue in front of us, we were literally moments from the ceremony and NO portraits had been taken. We had to push forward… I couldn’t believe how brave and strong Starr was as I watched her set aside her aching heart and push forward. I look up to her strength.

The girls (and guys) gathered for her bridal reveal…

As the girls played in the front yard, David and his men arrived. Everyone circled around the bride and (blindfolded) groom for a prayer before their wedding ceremony and the tension in the issue at hand began to dissolve.

God is so good, y’all. Prayer is powerful.

In the ceremony room, David waited anxiously for his new bride to walk through those doors. And at the very first sight of her, I could see him- in awe of Starr- as she walked down the aisle.

The Hay House Wedding

Starr and David, at this very second, I hope you’re enjoying your honeymoon- soaking up every second with each other while you’re traveling. And I hope in 10 years from now, you can find the time to have another coffee date at 11AM, and not return home until 2AM.
Diamond, I admire your courage and compassion. Rosetta, I admire, and am astonished by, your strength. I wish I could hug you again.
Anthony, your story touched my soul. You’re so important for David. Thank you for sharing your story, and how David got his name.
Tiffany, thank you for your help before the ceremony. Truly.
Junior and Judy, I pray to raise my boys as well as you have raised yours.

You all are an amazing family. Thank you for welcoming us, and allowing us to celebrate David and Starr alongside your family.

Last, but certainly not least: David and Starr: I love you!!! Thank you for choosing me as your photographer.


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