Angie and Terrell | Snellville Maternity Session at Yellow River Park

July 12, 2019




Maternity Photographer in Snellville, Georgia

Yellow River Park Maternity

Angie and Terrell’s maternity session in Snellville (which is a super cool city for a growing family!) was INCREDIBLE!

I am so behind in writing this blog!! A little (probably boring) peak into my life (I have excuses, y’all!)…

You probably know I have an (almost) 12 year old and a 2.5 year old. Both boys. They’re great! What you might not know is I taught public school for a few years. I LOVED my job, but almost sunk into a depression because of how schools (definitely not all of them!) are designed. Test scores, CCRP data, dusting the not-so-pretty stuff under rugs, and keeping schools clean and parents happy wore on me. I had kids who needed to be challenged, who I couldn’t challenge– and I had kids who needed help at home, who I couldn’t help. Anyway… When William was born, I took a year to think on it, then pulled my oldest out of public school and started homeschooling. This was last school year– when I also opened up my business doors and went full-time with my photography!

So, let me say: Public school isn’t awful for all kids. In fact, some kids THRIVE in public school… A lot of them do. Mine didn’t. You can totally pick my brain if you ever want to know details… I’m happy to share!

Our first year of homeschool was nothing short of a learning experience. Whew!! Curriculum, field trips, teaching, and parenting… It’s a strange thing y’all. This year will be much more tidy!

Since also opening the doors of my business, it’s slowly finding and spreading its roots. (and I couldn’t be happier about it!!!)

After a field trip one day last school year, Kellen (my oldest), William (my 2.5 year old), and I stopped by 5 Guys in Lawrenceville for some dinner. Kellen (at the time) had wanted to be a police officer since he was 3 years old, and as luck would have it Terrell and his gang walked through the door. You can’t see it in this picture, but the guy has muscles… Here, I’ll show you!

Maternity Photographer in Snellville, Georgia

Anyway… It was obvious he and his gang were law enforcement.

Kellen was immediately star struck.

They sat down to eat, and went on about how their day ‘at the office’ went. Kellen eavesdropped the entire time. I think they noticed he was totally into their conversation because at some point we all mingled and kind of enjoyed our dinner together. Terrell had mentioned his wife, Angie, a few times throughout the conversation (he beams when he mentions her… Much like he does when he mentions his dog) and so I told him about how I was just opening a photography business and handed him a card.

Fast forward– the two of them find out they’re expecting!! Angie spent lots of hours searching for a maternity photographer in Snellville, Georgia, because she knew right away she wanted maternity pictures, newborn photos, and family sessions!! After hours and hours of searching, and talking to photographers, she was a little discouraged. She’d finally found someone she thought might be the right fit, and began the booking process.
Right before Angie was reluctantly putting a deposit down with a photographer she wasn’t too excited about, Terrell remembered he had one of my cards.

Maternity Photographer in Snellville, Georgia

I had no idea when Angie called me, she was on the cusp of booking with another photographer. The more we learned about each other, the more excited we got, and I asked if she’d spoken to or looked at any other photographers’ work in the area. (I like to make sure my clients shop around before they book with me!) That’s when I learned she was in the process of booking someone.

My heart sunk. and I wasn’t sure how to handle it!

She hadn’t signed a contract, and didn’t pay a retainer. She’d just told this person she wanted to book.

And here I was, talking to her. (eeeek! If you’re reading this and Angie was almost YOUR client, I want to hug your neck and share her with you because she is AMAZING, and you must be too!!! We could photograph them together all day!)

Maternity Photographer in Snellville, Georgia

As we got more into planning Angie’s session, I learned so much about her and Terrell. I am so stinking excited to meet their little girl– who is due August 2nd!!! Her big sister, Stella the German Shepherd (Terrell’s other pride and joy), is eagerly anticipating her arrival. (Seriously.. She totally understands there’s a baby in Angie’s belly!)

Maternity Photographer in Snellville, Georgia

After walking around Yellow River Park for some time, we decided to head down to the rocks for some river shots.

(Note to self: NEVER go to Yellow River Park on a Saturday!)

Obviously Angie is gorgeous… And this view is too. LOVEEEE this park, y’all!

Maternity Photographer in Snellville, Georgia

Thank you so much for trusting me with your baby’s first year, Angie! I’m excited to meet Stella and I’m incredibly ready to hug Rylie Rose. Your family is precious.




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