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October 4, 2019





Mindfulness Can Start Now


We’re starting a new thing over here: Blogging with a purpose. Today? #MindfulMonday

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I blog sessions and events I photograph and while all of that is great, I cannot turn off the teacher in me. Most of what I remember about my teaching career I don’t miss. But the actual teaching part?? You know… the 3% of what I did as a teacher… I miss it.

I’m kicking off this blog with #MindfulMonday.

It’d be nice, right? If we all lived in paradise. Somewhere we could sink our toes into the sand and listen to the waves crash ashore. Somewhere with no, or minimal distractions and obligations.

But we all know that doesn’t exist.

And would we even enjoy it if it did? The fact is: the most beautiful and fulfilling parts of our lives are the very things that cause stress. We can’t escape it. And, to be honest, I really don’t want to.

Recently my family went to Panama City. It was a MUCH needed vacation. Prior to this trip, our family had been on a vacation once in the past 10 years. (yikes)

We needed this.

All of us.

And I remember telling myself how much I would enjoy the quiet. How I’d put my phone away, set aside my business, and just focus on the kids.

I was surprised. At first, I caught myself (especially the ride down there) CONSTANTLY checking my phone. Wondering if I’d ignored a wedding lead, or how many texts and emails I’d missed from clients. Pondering over how I’d respond if those things happened.

And then it happened. I stopped indulging those thoughts. I stopped picking up my phone. Not because it just stopped crossing my mind. Because I forced myself to ignore those impulses. I learned to erase those thoughts and worries, and I found a mantra.

“This is more important,” I’d say.

And it was.

A sense of calm washed over me every time I realized I successfully forgot about my phone and DIDN’T pick it up when the impulse hit.

So, here’s my challenge for you.

Find a parking spot for your phone. Set specific times during the day when you allow yourself to pick it up. Otherwise? Leave it. (Consider an automatic response so texters know to call you if they need you.)

Don’t worry… I use mine for business too. That’s not an excuse. Life is more important than indulging a ridiculous impulse to check email, Instagram, or Facebook.

And, no. There’s no need to announce to the world you’re ‘disconnecting’.

Do it quietly. You deserve it. Let me know how it goes. (Seriously!)




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