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Miss Lilah

Loganville Newborn Photographer
Loganville Maternity Photographer

Oh Lilah, how I love your family. Back in Christmas of 2017, I had the pleasure of meeting Paige, Nick, and their adorable baby Nicholas– who I’m pretty sure convinced me I loved ‘Family Photography’.Lilburn Family Christmas Mini Session

This was my first ever mini session, and I couldn’t be more excited when they asked me the following April to do Nicholas’ Cake Smash at Vines in Loganville! I truly love their family, and Nicholas is incredible. He’s so cute, so much fun, and always well dressed. His outfit didn’t disappoint in April, either.One year Cake Smash Loganville Georgia

It’s funny looking back at these and seeing how much both of our families have changed. Since these sessions, Nicholas has gained a baby sister and she is ADORABLE!

I love babies. I’ve always loved babies. I’ve held babies all my life– babysat babies throughout my pre-teen and teen years– I even had two babies of my own (and lots of nieces and nephews).

Of all those babies, I’ve never, ever seen one (5 days old, y’all) as alert as Miss Lilah. Not only did she stay awake throughout her session, but she ate (like crazy), pooped twice (thankfully not on anyone), and seriously had strong opinions of how she was and was not going to pose. What’s really funny is Paige (her mommy) said she was the same way in the womb.

She’s even holding up her head, y’all, and turning it from side to side. (She’s so strong!)

For as strong and determined as she is, her sweetness is even greater. She was just precious, and so long as her belly was full, she was more than eager to let me pose and play with her.

And I love her.

Welcome to the world, Miss Lilah. I cannot wait for your Cake Smash!

Her toes are so precious.


Loganville Newborn PhotographerLoganville Newborn Photographer

I’m so excited to edit the rest of her pictures so I can show mom! Thank you so much for welcoming me into your home (and helping me move furniture, Nick!) and trusting me with your precious new baby. Can’t wait to see you guys soon when Nicholas is feeling better.
Thanks for choosing me as your family’s photographer. 🙂


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  1. Linda says:

    What a little cutie. Great photos.

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