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A Little Monroe Wedding…

Wedding collage

Monroe Wedding Photographer

My cousin got married, y’all!!! And to the sweetest guy ever! I must say, I’ve been excited about their wedding for some time and it was really interesting being back at the venue where I shot my brother’s wedding back in 2016. It looks so different than how I remember, and it’s especially different than what I’m used to. It was a fun challenge!

Bride's daughter getting ready
Bride's daughter
Close up of bouquet and wedding rings

Some things I noted: Working with family is much different than working with my ‘normal’ clients. Not only is my family ten thousand degrees from normal, but they’re also… my family. There’s nothing like being behind a camera all day and hearing people laughing at me, poking fun at me, and plain out refusing to listen to my (simple!) directions. I hope you know I’m cracking up as I type this. I love my family, and being with them all day was a really special treat. Having the opportunity to capture their memories at my cousin’s wedding was fabulous.

I’m still shocked beyond believe that this is my job. And I’m thankful beyond measure.


Bride and sister getting ready at wedding
Close up of wedding rings black and white
Wedding dress
Wedding dress

In case you missed it, Keyra and Matt met at school. Kind of… You see, Matt was Kerya’s son’s football coach. I hear that at some point during a parent teacher conference, glances were exchanged and the rest was history. 🙂 Matt claims Keyra made the first move, but I think Keyra disagrees. I’m pretty certain they’re both guilty of the first move, and neither of them regrets a second of it.

If you haven’t already, you should check out their engagement session.

Close up of bride's hair
Wedding dress and bouquet

The wedding day started like most weddings do: everyone bustling around, getting their hair and makeup done, and wondering when lunch would be delivered.

As the girls were hanging out in the bridal suite, exchanging life stories and catching up on current happenings I caught Keyra sitting quietly by the mirror getting her hair and makeup done, soaking up the events around her. I could see the excitement in her body. The worry in her eyes. The anticipation of seeing her groom. I could almost feel her wondering what her son was doing, and excitedly anticipating him seeing her in her wedding gown.

Monroe Wedding Venue

Close up of wedding jewelry at a wedding in Monroe, GA

As hair and makeup finished, we got settled in and ready for Keyra’s bridal reveal with her dad, Alan, and stepdad, Dean. She loves her dad so very much, and seeing them come together on her wedding day was precious. She’s also incredibly close (as am I) with her stepdad, Dean. I wiped tears away behind my camera as I watched the two of them see each other all dressed up, laugh, embrace, and snuggle. I’m not very close with my dad, unfortunately, and so I vicariously lived through Keyra in that moment and I was so thankful to be there with them. 

It’s really amazing to me that I get to capture these moments for people. It’s like every single wedding is a little more healing for my childhood parts, and I’m so thankful for it.

Close up of wedding rings
Bride with her dad during a first look
Bride with her dad during a first look

Anyway… Their love just shines.

Bride with her dad during a first look
Bride's dad first look

Soon after these bridal reveals, we geared up for Keyra and Matt’s First Look, rocked and rolled through wedding party portraits, and quickly rushed into hiding so I could get some detail shots around the venue and everyone could prep for the ceremony.

Groom's daughter
Bride and her son first look
Bride and her son first look
Bride and her son first look
Bride and groom portraits
Wedding bouquet and jewelry
Bride and bridesmaids
Bride and bridesmaids
Bride and bridesmaids
Bride and bridesmaids
Wedding rings and wedding heels
Bride and groom portrait
Bride and groom portrait
Bride and groom portrait
Bride and groom portrait
Groom and his daughter
Groom and groomsmen
Groom and groomsmen
Groom and groomsmen
Groom and groomsmen
Groom and groomsmen
Close up of rings and florals wedding
Bride and groom portrait
Bride and groom portrait
Bride and groom portrait

Dean officiated a quick ceremony, and Keyra, Matt, and I whisked away for some last quick Bride and Groom portraits. Finally, we all gathered in the reception hall and everyone danced the night away.


Ceremony at Gratis Gate Community Center in Monroe, GA
Ceremony at Gratis Gate Community Center in Monroe, GA
Blue wedding cake
Bride and groom first dance
Bride and groom eating cake at their reception
Bride and groom portrait
Wedding dress and florals

Wedding reception in monroe, GA
Bride and groom dip kiss sparkler exit

A Huge Thanks to The Talented Team of Vendors!

Bride’s Wedding Dress & Bridesmaids’ Dresses: I Do I Do Bridal

Bridesmaid Robes: To The Happily Ever After

Cake: The Posh Cakery

Caterer: Big Daddy Que BBQ

Coordinator: Nathan Deaton

DJ: Matt Melton

Florist: JL Designs

Hair Artist: Kristen Butler

Makeup Artist: Kim Bogash

Officiant: Dean Nelson

Venue: Gratis Gate Community Center

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