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My friends make amazing models

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Originally I had an engagement shoot scheduled for Saturday, but the weather was forecasted to get really bad so we reluctantly rescheduled. I’ve been wanting to try out a super neat rain shot that I’ve seen variations of online… All call out to my friends on Facebook was in order! Thankfully I had a few who were excited to let me play with them in the rain during winter time! (woohoo!!!!)

It was supposed to start in the late morning, and pick up gradually throughout the day, but instead I wound up kind of twiddling my thumbs until about 4:15… Which was fine, I guess, since it would be better to do the kind of shot I wanted to do when it was dark anyhow.

I bought two clear bubble umbrellas for said engagement shoot above, and was really hoping the shininess of the umbrella would reflect enough light onto my models’ faces since I didn’t have a white rain umbrella. Of course, I have a basic understanding of light and prepared myself for it to be super harsh on their faces and go through the clear plastic instead of bounce around inside.
And that’s exactly what happened. But we made the best of it, and I think it turned out fabulous!

Andrea and Nick are a dream!! Not only did they want to play in the rain with me, but they were also open to having fun without an umbrella!!! We all were soaked by the end of it. (SO fun!)

Atlanta Engagement Photographer couple in the rain


Atlanta Engagement Photographer couple in the rain


I love this last one here on the bottom left.

Later that evening, Sara came over in full bridal getup. I applied a few concepts I learned after practicing a bit with Andrea and Nick and made a few adjustments. I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.

Sara was a champ– I have the most supportive and amazing friends!!!

Isn’t she breathtaking?!

Atlanta Wedding Photographer bride in the rain Atlanta Wedding Photographer bride in the rain

After having these two chances at practicing this, I am very confident I’ll nail this shot at the next opportunity I get.

Things I learned: White umbrellas work best, a high-ish ISO and shutter speed work well, along with a low-ish aperture (depending on the effect I’m trying to achieve) and next time I’ll need a secondary light to help my lens automatically focus if it’s dark.

A HUGE thank you to Sara and her family, Andrea and Nick, and the others who offered to let me practice and play with them in the winter rain. Stay on me about this, Emily! We’ll get a shot of you too! 🙂

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