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September 9, 2019


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A Downtown Norcross Engagement

If I could sum up yesterday’s engagement session in a few words, it would be ‘miraculous hot mess’. Clearly, Jessica and Chuck are the miraculous… I’m the “Norcross Engagement Photographer”… AKA: hot mess.

Jessica and Chuck are pretty much the coolest people ever. Chuck’s got an incredibly interesting career background as a professional chef, and Jessica spends her days pouring into the middle schoolers of Gwinnett County. Her students are blessed to have her… She is so creative and passionate about her job. I think she’s a natural born teacher.

Norcross Engagement Photographer

We first met at 45 Cafe in Downtown Norcross, which was AWESOME. They have yummy brews and delicious treats. (I pigged out on banana bread the whole drive home from their shoot. Thanks, Chuck!)

Metro Atlanta Engagement

In front of 45 Cafe is a super cool train that comes about every 30 minutes or so. Chuck, bad ankle and all (seriously… It’s been broken like 8 times. I’m not kidding.), ran with us to catch the end of this train as it passed by. He’s such a great sport, and Jessica couldn’t be happier to have him around.

It was here that I tripped over my cart, at least 14 times, while we walked.

If you’ve heard of Downtown Norcross, you’ve heard of the Fox Mural.

Norcross Engagement Photographer

I love the playfulness of it. The City of Norcross wanted to create a welcoming and engaging place for community members to come together, so “Tumbleweed” was born. Two artists collaborated on the project, and I think it’s lovely.

This was my first time in Downtown Norcross, by the way. Chuck spotted a cool bell on his way in, so we all went over there to check it out. It begged to be rung. (Spoiler alert: it’s LOUD… Apparently even more loud if you’re directly underneath it. So I made them ring it twice. haha!) 🙂

Downtown Norcross Engagement Session

Norcross Engagement Photographer Norcross Engagement Photographer

After we played around with the bell for a little while, we headed over to a field where we could hear children laughing. The sunset over there was GLORIOUS, and there was a SUPER cool splash pad down the way a bit from where we were standing. Jessica and Chuck just did their thing, and I basically followed them around, snapping pictures while they played. This is about the time I ran over my own feet with my cart. Fun fact: my sandals have metal in them (why?? I don’t know), which snapped in half when they got caught under the cart.

Norcross Engagement Photographer

Norcross Engagement Photographer

These two were having so much fun together as the sun dipped down below the trees, and I wasn’t ready to let them go. What better way to spend your engagement session than by letting your photographer try some fun new things with flash?! These two patiently waited as I set up all my gear.

And this was when I fell into the fountain. (No, seriously. So I just stayed in there, and took pictures… I’m rolling my eyes at myself as I type this…)

Norcross Engagement Photographer

Jessica and Chuck are such a fun couple. I’m SO excited to celebrate with them at their wedding at The Mary Gay House this October, and even more excited to get them back in front my camera.

Until next time.




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