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Norcross Winter Engagement Session

Downtown Norcross Winter Engagement Session

Anecia and Reggie are engaged, y’all! Their Downtown Norcross Winter Engagement Session was full of style and smiles!

Last time I was in downtown Norcross I tripped and almost fell twice, right in front of my couple. I also ran over my shoe with my gear cart and pretended like there wasn’t a huge piece of bent metal in my shoe for the remainder of the engagement session. And at the end of the session, I fell into a fountain. (Yeah, cameras and all…)

Anecia was privy to all of this, thankfully??, and so we joked throughout the session about all the potential fun they could have making fun of  me all night.

Downtown Norcross Engagement Photographer

Turns out they’re much more gracious than I am. LOL! Instead of making fun of  me all evening, we just played. Anecia and Reggie both work very demanding jobs, and so I think they were relieved to be away from work. They traveled in from Maryland for their engagement session, and though they couldn’t completely step away from work, I could tell they were happy to have private time together– just enjoying the moment.

It rained on and off throughout their session, but it didn’t dampen their spirits! Instead of minding the rain, we all ran around Norcross (by the way, see her shoes?? I could NEVER run around anywhere in those) grabbing shots in between my awkward jokes.

One of the things I love about doing engagement sessions in Downtown Norcross is the variety of scenery!! This works well for winter because they have a little bit of everything: green space, pretty buildings, white walls, teal walls, murals, a cool (loud) bell, a really nice white gazebo– there’s a spot for pretty much anyone’s style. 

I’m going to bet Anecia’s favorite spot was the gazebo!! Although I had to chase a couple people out of the space for a couple shots, it was TOTALLY worth it.

Anecia and Reggie- thank you so much for trusting me with these precious memories!! I’m so happy to have finally met you both, and I’m SUPER excited for your wedding at Del’avant Event Center this coming February!!

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