Peachtree Christian Church and The Atrium

July 23, 2022




Valerie and Aus’ wedding ceremony and reception at Peachtree Christian Church and The Atrium this past weekend was SO fun! First of all, the front of Peachtree Christian Church is absolutely stunning, and goes perfectly with a cathedral veil. (Wait until you see the one with the veil flying in the wind!) And second of all, their Middle-Eastern inspired reception at The Atrium was wild!! Complete with cold sparklers, clouds, drummers, and dancers– y’all… I thrive off lit reception parties!

Getting Ready at Peachtree Christian Church

The bride and groom started their day at Peachtree Christian Church. The series of events were happening so fast, it was hard to keep up! Valerie did a wonderful job enjoying her day while the hustle and bustle of *Wedding* was happening all around her.

Meanwhile, the guys… 🙂

First Look at Peachtree Christian Church

It is so precious to see how every couple’s First Look is unique. Aus couldn’t get enough of Valerie’s dress and veil!! He circled around her at least twice- just in awe of his bride. Gah!!! It was precious!! Seriously– A First Look is legitimately the only way to get a full and complete appreciation of each other on your wedding day; otherwise you’re in front of your friends and family during the ceremony so you can’t pause everything to take it in!!

Daddy / Daughter Bridal Reveal at Peachtree Christian Church

The Ceremony at Peachtree Christian Church

Whew! Valerie and Aus’ ceremony was a challenge for us because there are all kinds of light sources casting all sorts of different colors. It was so dark, and we couldn’t use flash, so it was a challenge for us, but it worked out beautifully.

Bride and Groom Portraits at Peachtree Christian Church

That veil thoughhhhh

Portraits at The Atrium

After the ceremony, we raced to the Atrium for a few more portraits before their reception. This place is so cute!!!

The Reception at The Atrium

Valerie and Aus had a Middle-Eastern inspired reception, complete with drummers during their reception entrance. It was SO fun!!

During their first dance, they also had “clouds”. Unfortunately, the DJ had some technical issues with the cold sparklers, but we still had a little peek at them!!

Congratulations, Valerie and Aus!! I hope you’re having a blast on your honey moon!!



Bridal Gown: Formally Yours
Bouquet: Design Studio
Ceremony Venue: Peachtree Christian Church
Reception Venue: The Atrium
Videographer: Stars and Shadows Films
Cake: Cookies Sable



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