Santa Experience | Styling Guide

November 5, 2019




Santa Mini Session in Snellville, Georgia

Santa Experience | Rocheal Photography Styling Guide

We’re back for the 2019 Christmas Season, and we won’t be here long! As promised, here is an easy-to-read quick styling guide to help you prep your grandma, pets, and kids for their Santa Experience- The Santa Mini Session in Snellville, Georgia.

Santa Experience Styling Guide

Some kids are SUPER excited to meet Santa, sit on his lap, and tell him EVERYTHING they’re up to! Others… Not so much…

But no matter how excited (or not) your child, grandma, or dog is to meet Santa- relax: It’s Okay!! We have some fun tips to help you prepare everyone, and we’re also pretty good at capturing the moment.

Bottom line: We want you to enjoy the moment. No matter how it goes.

Read more for some session prep tips!

Tip #1

Let’s face it: there are moments in your every day life that sometimes aren’t so every day. Hanging out with Santa IS one of those moments.

So? Whether you’re planning to get in the photos yourself, or not, dress as if you were. It’s not every day you get to chat with Santa. Challenge yourself to live in the moment. Without a care what others think.

These memories are YOURS. Capture them.

Tip #1
Come dressed, makeup, hair, and all, as if YOU were the one sitting on Santa’s lap. And challenge yourself to enjoy the moment.

Tip #2

Talk to your child about Santa BEFORE the shoot. Y’all, he’s not the most normal-looking person. Babies and toddlers can be understandably worried.

But Santa’s WAY cooler than he looks.

Show your child videos of Santa. Pictures of Santa. Have toys that Santa brought last year?? Tell your child where they came from! Take your child to places where Santas hang out, and talk to your child about how COOL and NICE Santa is. Bring your child’s attention to his beard and hat, and what color his robe is. Help him SEE all the part of Santa, so that he’s less likely to be afraid when the moment comes.

If he still cries? It’s okay! We’ll capture those moments, because they’re more fleeting than they seem. They’re your memories. Embrace them, and see what next year brings. 🙂
(Accept your child where he is!)

Tip #2
Spend your time in the weeks before the session SHOWING your child how COOL and NICE Santa is.

Tip #3

Let’s talk clothing.

So far we’ve only had one cow show up for Santa’s lap, but check him out! He was dressed well.

You have three choices here:

  1. Stylish Christmas PJs Style- combed hair, nice smiles, and happy spirits. Think: Sunday Best, but PJ style. (no shoes! But fuzzy socks would be fun!)
  2. Stylish Christmas Clothing Style- Similar to the above, but not in PJs.
  3. Fun Christmas Morning Style- An authentic Christmas morning-look, complete with messy hair, fun smiles, and excited moments. (This might take more planning than you think!) (no shoes!)

No matter which style you choose, note that everyone doesn’t need to MATCH, but rather coordinate. Super matchy-matchy clothes might lack contrast, which means everyone might blend together in the photo. Help your photo have dimension by dressing everyone in coordinating colors and styles, rather than exact-match.

If #3 is your thing, let’s chat for a moment.
-Consider light hairspray on everyone’s hair, so that the messy look stays. Don’t overthink the messy-look.
-Consider your makeup- if you wear makeup regularly, you should probably put some on so you’re comfortable. However, keep it more natural, and don’t make it obvious you have makeup on.

Tip #3:
Choose a theme and stick to it. Think it through, and take your time to explain to others what your vision is so they understand and are not frustrated.

Tip #4

Prepare to your children!

“Santa will be sitting in a chair with two big lights in front of him. There will be a photographer standing in front of Santa with two big cameras. The photographer’s name is Rocheal (RO-shell), and she will be taking pictures of you and Santa!! Rocheal is friendly, Santa is friendly, and everyone is excited to meet you!” “Do you have any questions?”

It’s hard for me to remember this, but our kids are their OWN people with their own thoughts, inhibitions, dreams… They have feelings about Santa. Be there with them in this time in their development.

Talk to them. LISTEN to them.

Here are some prompts:

  1. Who is Santa?? Where do you think he came from? (answer here!)
  2. Would you like to color a picture of Santa with me? (Print one here!)
  3. Have you ever seen Santa before? Where? When? How did you feel??
  4. What color is Santa’s hair and beard?
  5. Why do you think he has a beard?
  6. What color is Santa’s suit? Why do you think it’s so fluffy?
  7. Would you like to make a (short, ~20 second) video with me to send to Santa? (text it to me! 770-364-5541)
  8. What have you done this year that you’re most proud of?
  9. What have you done this year that you’re not proud of, and you’d like to do better next year?
  10. What’s one thing you’re working on? (School? Grades? Making friends? Sharing? Being friendly? Laughing? Being brave? Being honest?)
  11. What are you most excited to tell Santa about this year?
  12. What gift do you hope Santa brings you this year?
  13. Do you have a gift you’d like to give Santa? (write a note, color a picture, origami, hand-made ornament, book about Why I Love Christmas, etc.)

Tip #4
Prepare your children, and make this about THEM! (And make memories by joining them in the fun)

Here are a few photos of us behind the scenes from last year! (Thanks, Ian Shelton, for the photos!)


(P.S. See how this family looks great, but lacks contrast? What if mom had on a light grey shirt?)

  1. You’ll know your session time- I’ll send that info in an email closer to the date. Keep A Relaxed Attitude Throughout The Day and Show Up Early! This is crucial to everyone’s mood!! Stay light-hearted.
  2. Don’t put too many expectations on your children. Keep the energy happy and light-hearted. Remind them that if they listen closely to your directions and the photographer’s directions, they will have fun.
  3. No one will judge you if you bribe with candy, or whatever else you use to bribe. (We’ve all done it! And we’ll do it again.)
  4. No one will judge your child if he cries.
  5. No one will judge you if your child cries.
  6. Don’t judge me if I trip over my light stand. Or if I dance or do other weird things to spark laughter.
  7. Play with us.
  8. HAVE FUN. Listen to your child before the session. Ask questions- prompts are listed above…
  9. Challenge yourself to take in this moment, no matter the chaos. Watch Santa interact with your child. Watch your child’s face and eyes.
  10. Get in there and sit on Santa’s lap yourself. What’s the worst that can happen?? Seriously. Just do it.

With love from Santa Perry and Rocheal




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