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Tori and Ben | Married at The Peach Barn in Tifton, Georgia

Tori and Ben’s Wedding at The Peach Barn in Tifton, Georgia

I’m not sure about you, but an intimate moment with my soon to be husband, in the middle of the woods (at The Peach Barn, y’all!) sounds like a dream come true. This summer wedding at the Peach Barn was heavenly!!

Tifton is a bit of a drive from Atlanta, so I drove in and dropped my suitcase off at my hotel, then headed to The Peach Barn. The drive in was interesting, to say the least. Most notable was the watermelon hauling school bus. The whole roof was chopped off, and a fantastic looking shirtless dude was in the driver’s seat, hauling what looked to be a gazillion watermelons.

Welcome to Tifton.

(If you didn’t catch Tori and Ben’s Engagement Session in Atlanta at Krog Street Tunnel and Peidmont Park, you should check it out!)

Tori and Ben started their wedding day with their best friends, like most couples do: getting ready for the biggest day of their life with a few of their closest friends. When my second shooter and I arrived, we walked around for a minute, and quickly realized there were more gnats than blades of grass.

But the view.

Tori and Ben’s Wedding Day Details at The Peach Barn

The whole venue lended itself perfectly.

Tori’s dad went back home to Jesus a very short time ago, and the whole family- especially Tori and her mom- pushed through this special day with heavy hearts. This man is loved, and he has a wonderful legacy in Tori. She is a lucky girl to have been raised by such a Godly man.

Tori’s mom had a special surprise from her dad. You’ll need tissues.

Later after detail shots, we found the reception room finished. And it’s stunning.

Getting ready at The Peach Barn

Meanwhile, Tori continued prepping upstairs!


Fun fact: Steam irons are hot. (wink)

Okay, so some quick honesty- I fell in love with Tori’s crew.

Left to right: Erin, Tori, Katie, and Anna Beth. (Below, Tori’s mom Joey joins!) They were up for anything, super helpful, so fun!!

Shortly after the flower petal shenanigans, Joey helped Tori into her wedding dress. I think she cried the whole time. 🙂

But so did her girls… Aaaaand, so did Tori. (How could she not?! She’s surrounded by an amazing group of women.)


Tori and Ben’s First Look at The Peach Barn


Can I tell you a little secret? Tori and Ben wanted to exchange gifts during their first look. They know each other like the back of their hand, and *somehow* Ben found out what he was getting from Tori. Spoiler alert: Ben is a musician- it’s his dream guitar.

First, some portraits from their first look…

I love how he smiled when she called his name.

I think my favorite part of their intimate time together was when she turned around. His face lit up, and it hit me… It’s only during the first look that the soon-to-be groom gets to take in every ounce of his almost-bride. When she spun in front of him, he was astonished by her beauty, and I loved that he could hold her and breathe her in, and sit with her in this moment as long as he wanted.

It was beautiful.

Ready for the gift exchange??

So, someone from Tori’s group of gals suggested they fool him. Ever so giddily, as Tori accepted her gifts from Ben, we all knew Ben was about to be fooled, and then quickly surprised. Check it out.

What a guy! He happily accepted the fake guitar, and even played it for the camera. I love Tori’s expression here!!!! See the guys in the background?? They have his dream guitar!

Tori and Ben’s Wedding Party at The Peach Barn

At first, Ben was annoyed– massively– with the darn gnats! But the guys pulled him through, and he joined their fun. 🙂

LOL– see the gnats!?!?! I wonder if it’s always this way.

Ceremony at The Peach Barn

After wedding party portraits, and some quick family formals, Tori went into hiding to put on her veil and touch up her makeup while the rest of their guests gathered at the little chapel. The ring bearer and flower girl preceded Tori down the aisle…

But the flower girl got cold feet.

Remember Tori and Ben’s first look? He didn’t cry…

Until he saw her coming down the aisle.

It was hard for me to get him in focus because he was so full of emotion.



Married in holy matrimony!

Tori and Ben’s just married portraits at The Peach Barn

Tori and Ben’s reception at The Peach Barn

Coordinator | Lanie Hibbard
Florist | Indigo & Ivy Designs
Cake Artist | Pam Vickers
DJ | Couple of DJs
Hair | Sublime
Makeup | Glory and Glam
Wedding Dress | White Weddings
Bridesmaid Dresses | Armor Dresses
Groom’s and Groomsmen Suites | JC Penny
Photographer | Rocheal Photography

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  1. Debi Waters says:

    Every picture makes me rush to the next one! Beautiful job, a gorgeous bride and handsome husband!

  2. Jordyn says:

    Gorgeous wedding and beautiful work! Sorry to hear of the brides father passing…they will be in my prayers!

  3. Courtney says:

    This whole wedding day looks like it was magical! Gorgeous!

  4. Jenna says:

    What an amazing venue! How special to have a surprise gift from her dad. I’m sure that meant so much to her!

  5. Leidy & Josh says:

    Oh wow, this is beautiful! Love the rustic elements and the groomsmen shots =)

  6. Amanda says:

    I really really love your style! What a gorgeous wedding!

  7. Tasha says:

    This is so beautiful you did an amazing job! Gorgeous couple, gorgeous day & venue!!

  8. What a breathtaking venue! I love that everyone looks like they enjoyed themselves. Great job!

  9. Mandy says:

    Such a beautiful wedding. I love this venue – it’s so gorgeous. Beautiful job Rocheal!! You’ve captured their love perfectly. x

  10. What an awesome venue & fun photos!

  11. Maria says:

    Wow! Gorgeous location and gorgeous photos!!

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