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Wedding Day Posing Tips for Couples

Wedding Day Posing Tips for Couples — for YOU — on one of the biggest days of your life!

Did you know that posing can be intimidating for both the clients and the photographer?! A lot of photographers fret about posing, and so they stick their head in the sand instead of perfecting their craft because the thought of posing people stresses them out!

Then couples are left with stiff, awkward, forced poses to remember their wedding day. Ugh! I see it far too often and it saddens me to think about what their posing experience was like.

I think photographers are embarrassed to pose people, and people don’t want to be posed anyway – so it’s a crazy cycle that we have to get out of!

Let Me Solve This Problem For You!

Posing Tips for Couples on their Wedding Day

1. Cover the Classics.

You know… The mantle shots. The ones where you and your spouse are looking directly at the camera, smiling, perhaps slightly cheesy — but necessary — both with your full bodies showing and another that’s closer up on your faces. Your mama wants this picture of you, and you should too. Don’t forget it.

2. Get romantic shots.

There are two romantic poses I *love* that always turn into the sweetest moments.

Here’s how to rock the Dip:

For the groom:

  • Brace yourself to dip her in a way that is comfortable to you both. Full dip, parallel to the ground? YES!! Slight dip, just barely noticeable?? Also super romantic. Do what feels natural for you two.
  • When you dip her, dip perpendicular to the camera so that your bodies are facing the lens. (Too often, grooms will dip the bride’s head toward the camera. Oops! All you can see is their heads! I hate it.)
  • While you’re down there, for a few extra romantic shots, giggle with each other and kiss a few times. Really get the most out of your dip!

For the bride:

  • Encourage your groom to dip you in a way that feels natural to him. If he doesn’t want to dip you All The Way, don’t force him to. Encourage him to play around and see what works best for him.
  • Dip, and THEN kiss. That’s what usually works best. 🙂
  • Don’t worry too much about your hands, so long as your bouquet isn’t covering his (or your) face. Want a dramatic look? Drop your bouquet so it’s hanging toward the ground. Want something more romantic? Have both your hands on your groom (you can do this while you hold your bouquet!)

For you both:

  • Make sure your necks are extended – like a turtle, if you will, rather than faces squished against each other. Extending and reaching your lips to each other will elongate your necks, thus fixing the ever annoying double chin.

Here’s how to rock the snuggle

For the Groom:

  • Think ‘prom pose’. Wrap your arms around her so that it hides her stomach; she’ll feel more comfortable hiding her tummy behind your arms. (We’re going for fresh romance, not maternity! Your girl is aware of her tummy, no matter what shape it might be!)
  • Keep your arm facing the camera over the top of her arm, so it looks like you’re protecting her. Yes… You’re that manly.

For the Bride:

  • If you go into this pose, naturally, then work it! Enjoy!! This is YOUR pose.
  • If it takes a moment to get comfortable, then get comfy!! You might have to twist your shoulders ‘off’ him and more ‘toward’ the camera.
  • Get giggly! Encourage your groom to play with you in this shot. Tickles. Whispers. Kisses. Anything with movement is GOLDEN!

And there you have it, folks! 3 awesome looks for you and your groom so you can confidently pose in front of the camera on your wedding day.


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