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A Tip for Tuesday! Try on your wedding dress

Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Wedding tips for today’s brides from an Atlanta wedding photographer.
Be prepared for your big day!

We all need wedding tips for a stress-free wedding.

I was one of those brides… Call me ridiculous, but I put on my wedding dress more than twice. Listen: I spent a ton of time finding my dress (Actually, it was the first one I tried on, but it definitely wasn’t the ONLY one I tried on!). It’s not every day I drop upwards of at least a grand on something I’m wearing to just one event! I wore my dress in the store, and in my closet. I even wore it around the house when my husband wasn’t home. When my friends came over to help with the wedding day DIY stuff, I tried it on for them too! After our wedding reception, I even wore it to the hotel’s bar for a late dinner and drinks… That scored us a bunch of fun conversation with strangers and free food and booze!


On the day of my wedding, I was a pro at putting on my wedding dress. Best news of all? That actually helped avoid stress! I knew the easiest way to get into it, how it was supposed to feel when it was on, and also how to tie it up!

Be prepared for your big day!

Wedding Tips for A Stress-Free Wedding Day

So, remind yourself to have fun with your dress! Does your dress zip up, lace up, or button up? As your prepping for your big day, never underestimate the importance of becoming a pro at putting on your dress. Fun fact… This “easy” zip-up dress (at Crispin’s wedding– above) was incredibly difficult. The zipper wouldn’t budge past a particular piece of lace, and we worked for about 15 minutes in it before it finally zipped up. Imaging getting up to the last button on your dress (with 50 buttons) only to realize you’re off by one. Your whole timeline could suffer.

You should involve your “person“, your mom, or your maid of honor in this activity so that someone else at your wedding knows your dress as well as you do.

And of course, you’ll want to fault your dress once you’re a pro with it! You KNOW you look amazing. It’s worth it to practice!




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